Friday, September 12, 2008

2008 TOM - Stage 5

Well somehow we have already flew through the week and it is now Friday night. I remember thinking on Tuesday night I was so tired and I could not believe it was ONLY Tuesday. Tonight, I sit here, thinking, oh my... it's Friday night already?!?

So far this week has been pretty much a blast. Take out some issues with the ex and it might just be one of the best week's I've had in a really, really long time. It's been enjoyable seeing the riders and I have to say some of the guys truly have moved up into my favorites. Others have come down a few steps and for no other reason than watching things through the week. Of course C is still my favorite though and I love him in yellow!

C put on the jersey and brushed the shoulders. It got the crowd laughing.

The Jelly Belly guys have put up with hello's and small talk all week and I hope they can kick some butt. Their efforts today were huge but it didn't quite work. Nick and Bryce were pretty cute "racing" to the line. I'm hoping Sunday might be a great stage to see Brad up on the podium. I've been watching them all week and it's a shame more riders don't do what these guys are doing. They spend time signing autographs, almost always smiling before the starts, and truly impressing the people that meet them. I keep saying it but really guys - you and the team are making a lot of people's days enjoyable with the sweet time you spend being so great. (Not biased at all here. They're great guys and it's a great team.) Go say hello!

Bryce and new guy Kiel signed authographs on Thursday.

There's been a lot that's gone on this week and I think I might have time to type more but for now this little bit will have to do. So tired tonight and lot's to do tomorrow. We are heading to the start and then off for the 3rd KOM and then to the finish. The course crosses over the paths we need to use to get to the finish so moving around is tricky. Hopefully the rain will hold up while the guys race. Prayers out to the guys if it doesn't as it will make for slick roads and I for one hate crashes.
More later!

Some of my stage 5 pics are up.
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