Sunday, November 2, 2008

GO Nads GO! ha ha ha!

Another fun weekend has come and gone. Such a bummer.

Spent most of the weekend de-exing the house which was way over due. Certainly feels good with the progress made in the basement. For now there are several boxes out in the garage awaiting pick up on Tuesday. Still a few more things than need to be gone through but the progress made was pretty awesome. Thank god for awesome college roomies that know me better than I know myself sometimes. With out them I am not sure how the past couple years would've turned out. Huge thanks to Ames and Nads for sure. :-) Love you both!

Dizziness is still a bit of an issue. Latest from the doc is that I have to do my best to hang on for another couple weeks. Apparently the labrynthitis can stick around for 6-8 weeks. I'm just ready for it to be gone but the meds are keeping most things in check. Saturday's cleaning certainly set things off a couple times but never too badly. Blood work done earlier in the week has all come back and there's still signs of inflammation but good news was the iron was finally in check so I'm down to one of those a day, and after a month, I get to go every other day. Good news for sure. I hate those things.

After all the work yesterday it was some fun time today. Nads and I headed to the Cross race and we had the best time today. We usually don't stay for all the races but we were there until the end. Since she couldn't watch the Packer game, she was all for staying so we did. And we're glad we did. It was a lot of fun and tons more people were there through out the day.

Below are some pics so enjoy!

Of course more can be found here.
And Newt's got a fun write up on the team site.

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Nads said...

Okay you asked for it Cheese-Muncher!

What a blast this weekend was. I wish I could have slept in another hour, but that dang treadmill was screaming in my ear a wait that was the alarm clock. Anyway the workout felt good hope you can get back at it soon too.

Well if you insist on calling me Nads I am just going to go with it. See I even changed my nickname for you.

Talk to you later Cheese-Muncher.