Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chilly Cross and Fun

I have no idea where this weekend has gone but it was at least a fun weekend from start to finish. Fun game night Friday night with the gang. Got my ass kicked in Scene It and realized I held my own during the 80's movies and failed miserably with the more current ones. Oh well. The rematch in December is so on!

Saturday was great getting to sleep in a bit. Saturday night was just what was needed with a visit with some old friends and some good wine. Maybe a bit too much wine but very worth it. Not sure what I was thinking though as Friday everyone was at my house and I didn't drink a drop yet Saturday night I had like 5 glasses of wine. Oops. At least I sobered up before I drove home.

Today started way to early for my slightly hungover self and it was flippin' cold. Headed out in search of some caffeine after picking up Nads for the Cross race and then attempted to prepare for some mind over coldness to cheer on the riders. It wasn't too bad at first but it took no time to realize the wind was going to chill us to the bone. We headed over for the hill after saying hi to Mike and wishing him some good lucks. It was chilly today to say the least but wasn't too bad out of the wind. Or we got numb and it didn't matter. Not sure which. I cracked up laughing at how bundled up Nads was but she enjoyed the last laugh as my cold fingers opted for less picture taking to keep the hands a bit warmer. Still a good fun time.

After we left the race we headed to warm up with some lunch and then went to say hi to Theresa and see little Ryan. Such a cutie. Both Ryan and mom are doing great and he's already up to 8 pounds. Yeah! After that it was a trip to Nads and we watched a Cross video. Looking forward to the next one with a few more riders that I know. That first wasn't bad but not as interesting only knowing 2-3 guys in it.

Here of course are a few pics of the day with the link below for some more.
Rebecca taking the corner.

Heck leading Parker down the hill.
Jeff tackling the stairs.

Matt tries to scare Mike around the corner and almost lost his footing.

My flickr account is here and xXx Racing is here. Enjoy!

Stay warm this week and have some fun!


Nads said...

Cold but fun day. I tried to end it by getting a good nights sleep in my warm bed, but the fire drill at 3:30am was a rude interuption to that plan. All is well, but now I need a nap!

Hey where are the pictures of little Ryan?

Nikki said...

I dropped you a pic of you and little Ryan in your email today. I should've just uploaded them to flickr but wasn't thinking about it. Hope you like it.