Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cold and Chilly Weekend

First - GO PACK!!! Woo hoo! 37 to 3. ha ha. Work is going to be fun tomorrow with Mgr back from Hawaii! YEAH!

Man, has it been chilly lately. Seems even colder right now with Wieser once again with DA. This time if he comes back home, he stays here and there are no more nights like Friday realizing he's not here to snuggle up with. Sometimes trying to be nice just sucks.

Perdy misses Wieser too.

Friday night was a bummer packing up Wieser again. Called it an early night. Saturday was busy. Got up and got a work out in (yeah!) and then figured I should really attempt some yard work. Of course the lawnmower wouldn't start. As a last resort I called DA and he just made me feel worst. I will learn. I really will. So the grass didn't get cut and the leaves just got moved around, but many of the plants and such got cut back/down like they needed. I would still really love one more nice weekend to get more done but that would be needed in December as the next couple I am up in WI.

I woke up this morning to a pretty sore back but looked forward some fun Cross. Called Nads on my way out to find out she was still chillin' with her Dad and Kim. Of course I can't blame her for getting in as much of a visit as she can. Gave her some crap and told her to get in the shower and drive quickly. She missed the 3's but hung on in the cold until the start of the last race. Such a trooper! Afterwards we chilled and watched Transition 2. Good stuff.

Quick minute to drop a shout out to
Brad Huff! Nice win today! That following his win of Stage 3 the other day. Way to go! The Jelly Belly guys have been racing the Tour of Hainan in China this week and have been doing pretty well. Kiel got a top 10 the other day too! Keep it going guys! Just 3 more stages to go.

The cross race today was down right chilly. Started out pretty nice (considering the day seemed colder as it went on). There was some good sun, just a light wind. Then the sun went away, the wind picked up, and it snowed! The snow didn't stick until tonight on the ground and was just flurries during the day but still. I'm not sure I'm ready for this just yet.

I've checked the site but there aren't many results up yet. There's a chance Mike got a top 10 again. That would rock with as flat as the course was. Last week he got his 1st top 10 in the 3's and you can
read his write up on the team site.

Here's a few pics:

Greg making it look easy down the middle.

Mike chooses to run as he passes the guy who tried to ride the pit.

Run Eileen - Run!

My flickr account with more pics.
xXx Racing Team Site.


Nads said...

What could be better except being at the Packer game to watch them kick the Bears a**

HMomma said...

Hey now! Let's be nice!
Must be a busy girl workin' hard, not writing for more than, what, a week?!!?!? WOW!?

Erik said...

Merry Christmas.