Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 Olympics - Cycling

Last weekend I was one of many that pulled an all nighter Friday night to watch the Men's RR which was shown live on There were many variables to play with which added to many of us wanting to see it.

Over at Podium Cafe, I think we hit a new record with the # of threads and comments for a one day race. You can find and follow along with the fun here -
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The racing was exciting to watch but it was weird not seeing fans up and down the sides of the roads. The weather looked brutal. The riders looked hot. It was thrilling to watch the last lap of the race. When watching Fabian TT to the chasers and then watching them take off and catch the leaders - awesome. I felt so bad for Andy not being able to get a medal but it was hard not to be thrilled for Tony getting the bronze. Our US guys raced really well with the conditions. JMac was out front pulling early on. We got to see Dave up front and it was great seeing him back. George, Levi, and C all had great shots and all looked spent at the line. Levi finished 11th, C 17th, and George 40th.

Then of course, like we didn't get enough Friday night, many of us stayed up and watched the TT from start to finish.
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It was awesome watching Fabian pass Schumi. I'm not sure why, but I don't like the guy so seeing him get passed by Tony was great. He rode so well and put it all out on the road. I was thrilled for Larsson as he was so thrilled to be up on the podium. Huge congrats to both Kristin and Levi for their rides and awesome medals!

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