Sunday, August 24, 2008


Thought I should maybe drop a note here since I've really been slacking since the appendics set back. Funny how a couple weeks off from work has actually set me behind closer to month or more with everything else. Work is really keeping me busy right now but it's one of those needed evils - well, at least the paycheck is needed for sure. In hopes to be down for the TOM in a couple weeks and taking advantage of not being in the office for a few other days, the hours have been piled on pretty hefty. I plan to update with races and such but looking at my drafts, I still have several to finish. I think it fell apart when I realized video links changed so I tried to update those which just pushed the other fun stuff behind. At some point it will all be updated and my inbox (still maxing out daily at work) will be clean.

I'm thrilled to share that Maggie has started a CVV Fan Club site. She's already got several pics and video's up and it should be a fun place for reads and follow up on how C is doing. Thanks for taking that one on girl! Make sure to check out her other site - Andy Schleck: The Best Bike Racer of the Universe. It's filled with some great stuff. And if any of you like CSC and love the guys there, you'll really enjoy her site. Make sure to check it out!

For the most part things here are quiet. Working way too many hours than a person should and trying to find some time between to do everything else life related. Not always easy. Yesterday I decided to go make some purchases that I've been looking at in honor of my weekend off. I have to say for the first time - in a long time - the sales guy was really helpful. One of my goodies was my GPS unit. Knowing I "wanted" a Garmin - for obvious team support of course - I wasn't sure which model. I had researched other brands and looked a few models so Garmin was it for sure but the model choice was still looming. After figuring out which options I was really interested in and which ones I cared less about he helped me narrow it down to two. And - as a surprise to those that know me - I was able to decide pretty quick.

From there it was on to look at cameras. I like my cheap Kodak for the ease of sharing pics with family but it is not all that sweet for taking sports pics or pics of the adorable kids in my life when we're out running around and having fun. Nothing says fun like asking a 3 year old to stop and stand still while playing. I had price ranges and options in mind and surprisingly, the guy helping me (at least sounded like) he knew what he was talking about. I've narrowed it down to a Cannon a step up from point and shoot but certainly not as pricey as an SLR.

From there it was off to update the cellphone as my update was due. Having looked at many before and thinking a blackberry might be the way to go I was pretty sure it shouldn't be too hard to decide. Never think things are easy. Ha. I did end up with a new phone which has been pretty cool so far but I'm not sure the plan he upgraded me to is needed or if all the features are necessary. I like things somewhat simple but having web abilities for traveling (especially up to mom's) was a solid goal. I have yet to figure it out but I hope to play with it next weekend when I head North. The real test to my patience I am sure. :-)

I'm off to continue my house cleaning and laundry and to dare log into work for some stuff. Then it's a night and a new week begins. Luckily it should be a short 4 days but the days themselves are most likely going to be extremely long. Small price for a good 4 day weekend back home though! Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a quick week to hopefully another great weather Holiday weekend coming up! Enjoy!


Maggie said...

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for promoting Christian's new fan club! I hope to update it weekly at least and more often during the season. Sadly, I have to go back to work today, but I will be sure to be watching Christian et al in the Nationals next week.

If you or anyone sees any blatant errors within the site; please don't hesitate to contact me at

A well deserved site for an awesome rider!

Maggie said...


If anyone has anything they'd like to share (pics-quotes-blog entries, etc.) please don't hesitate to pass them along. I will definitely give you credit!



Nikki said...

Hey Maggie!
I'll be sure to pass along what I find. Feel free to pull the video's I have here to put on there. The older ones came from TBR and the Tour ones are noted.

Good stuff and again thanks for taking on the Fan Club site!

Maggie said...

No Problem. C rocks, so I felt an obligation :)

Posted the video you sent and will browse some more on your site. Thanks for sharing!