Saturday, August 2, 2008

Elk Grove TT

Brad Huff in the start house.

I wanted to put a quick post up on the Elk Grove TT from Friday night. I had a really good time and I got to meet some of the guys I've been following. Brad Huff wins hands down for being really friendly and easy to talk to. It was more like catching up with an old friend than being star struck in meeting him which was pretty cool. It was fun to finally meet The Bird too. I figured he'd be easy to spot but didn't figure on Matty Rice being so tall too. All together the group looks like most other cyclists until you stand an average height person next to them or meet them in person and you realize just how tall they are. The entire Jelly Belly Team was nice and it was fun to stop over and say hi. :-) I recommend anyone there to stop over and meet them. It's a great team with some pretty cool guys with great talent.

Bryce Mead (aka The Bird) in the start house.

Matty Rice in the start house.

Meeting Chris Horner.

Chris Horner from Astana was at the race and he is one of the sweetest guys to meet. Very fan friendly and easy to talk to and really takes time with the fans which was great. I also got to meet Daniel Holloway from Garmin. It was his first race I think in the team kit. I had asked Alex about him a little and it was cool to pass along hello's between them. They're both great guys.

Daniel Holloway takes off for his ride.

There are some big names at the race and awesome talent. I love seeing cycling live as you really appreciate what they do and how they prepare and the tactics that go on. When you hear the TT bikes go by and you hear the power they're producing it can give you goosebumps. And not much beats cheering them on as groups when they fly by you. The wind they create is an experience all should check out.

Fast Freddie in the start house.

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cat2bike said...

Great report Nikki. Uh, but Chris breaking his collarbone yesterday is a bummer.. Hilton Clarke says the Medifast boys caused the crash, by not paying attention to that corner. Hilton Clarke beat Brad for 1st place in 2006 at Downer's Grove, Tony and Brad touch wheels, didn't go down, but it gave Hilton the chance he needed.

Nikki said...

Thanks Cat! I had a great time Friday and again today. It was such fun meeting all the guys!