Thursday, July 3, 2008

One More Day to Go

Another week of long hours is done. So happy with that. Right now should be "slow" at work but that just doesn't seem to be the case as we begin gearing up again. I could've done a lot less work and hours but I hope to catch most of the Tour stages live in the morning and with the help of the past two weeks and summer hours for most, starting later in the morning has been granted approval and things look to be set. :-)

The eve of the 4th is bringing fun and familiar sounds of fireworks. I've always enjoyed them but sadly as my two girls are getting older they do not. Poor Perdy the past two nights has been getting a little worked up with the noise and odors in the air. Poor thing tonight is buried at my feet. Every time a big one goes off she sits shaking for a bit. I feel so bad for her. Earlier I went and sat on the floor and let her cuddle up and tried to calm her down. Just another couple days to go. I've been invited to some parties and outings with friends but in all honesty I think I might actually just want to stay close to home and chill this weekend. I have 3 bike rides planned and the weather looks to be superb. Somehow a good bike ride is sounding a whole lot more enjoyable than dealing with just crap loads of people and drinking probably too way too much. Funny how home just sounds sweeter these days.

I've been catching tid bits of the Olympic trials all week. As many know I love the Olympics. There are few events I would even think of turning off when I find time to watch. To me, there is just little that is as inspiring as watching athletes from all over the world compete and cheer each other on. I am really hoping Chicago gets the 2016 nod next year and this year's in Beijing already has my attention. :-)

Today had the Team Presentations for the Tour. I was pretty focused with work all morning and then at lunch noticed the link for it. Productivity went downhill after that. It didn't help that no one else was in work mode either. Everyone was stopping by and chatting this afternoon. I like the new Garmin kit tops but have to ask... WTF where they thinking with the white crotch area on the shorts? So not a good thing - ever. I'm hoping like the last kit there is an alternate pair that has that area darker. I love the guys but there are some things that we just shouldn't be able to see.

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow. I'm hoping to sleep in a bit (yes I realize how sad that is considering sleeping at this point would be a treat), get some serious house work done, go through the piles of mail from this past week, and then a nice ride. After that possibly meeting up with some friends but possibly just chillin' out and relaxing before Saturday's morning fun starts with the Tour. Be safe and have some fun!

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Julie said...

After parades and BBQs, I'm having a leisurely evening at home, the last one for three weeks!! Let's get this party started! :-)

Nikki said...

Hi Julie!
Missed this one with our email. :-)
Looking forward to reading your writes the next couple weeks!