Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick Update

Took a small break from the Internet today to get some rest and follow up with the docs. Things seem to be going okay in recovery but filled with hiccups. Started with the collapsed lower lungs the day after surgery which entitled me to another day in the hospital. Then there was the anemia thing that has landed me on iron pills for a month or two. THEN, this past weekend I was blessed with some severe soreness in my legs and lovely swelling of my left leg and foot.

I passed off the soreness on Saturday as just being muscles telling me they are bored. I've been working out 6 days a week with either a trip to the gym, the elliptical at home, or bike riding. Then for more than 5 days I was unable to do anything. I was sore and tired and I think I slept for about 20 of the 24 hours that made up Saturday. Sunday I got up feeling pretty good and the sleep certainly was needed and a very good thing for me. But then the leg pains slowly came back and the swelling fun began. Both legs have it but its clearly worst in my left leg. I had hoped being up and about and assisting friends helping with my yard work (such sweeties - thank you guys!) would help but it only seemed to make it worst.

Monday I gave in and called the doc. My regular doc kind of blew it off when I saw him and said it was just muscle fatigue and that I should work on getting back into working out. No intensity, just go through the motions basically for a few days and that should help. He says the lymph nodes that control the swelling and such are probably just irritated themselves from everything this past week. But that I will probably now have this issue the rest of my life. Not fun to hear but I relaxed a bit.

Today I had my follow up with the surgeon and he wasn't so sure my regular doctor is correct. He's concerned a little bit on possibly it being small blood clots. Lovely. He wasn't seriously worried as the right leg is also sore and slightly puffy and said he'd worry a lot more if the left leg was insanely painful and swollen but then noted (with a smile) that I seem to have a higher pain tolerance than most and possibly my "discomfort" might have others screaming. I just smiled and then he jokingly asks me how bad the pains were Monday night that I sucked up and blew off (the start of the appendicitis attack) and I could only smile some more. (Okay I will lightly admit - they really sucked but I was not about to cry over what I thought was a funky flu bug or even more depressing some unknown female cramping. I don't let much get to me. Just can't.)

So he has set up a Doppler test in the morning (ultra sound for the leg) to have it checked out for sure. He wanted it tonight but scheduling at the hospital was an issue. So it's tomorrow. Hopefully it's just the lymph node thing and I will just deal with it and work at getting it better. If it is some clot I will be admitted on the spot so I am really hoping that isn't the case. Really hoping...

My plans (before my fun adventure in the ER last week) were to go up to WI tomorrow for a couple days and visit with my godson and his big sister and of course mom while dad is on a motorcycle trip. Now one would think we know better when we make plans. It seems that every time (and I am serious with the every part) we make plans there is an ER visit involved. When I went up to meet my godson a couple days after he was born, that day he got put in ICU from a virus he got. Then another visit his big sister was in the ER. Another trip, yep he was at the doc again. And even another it was big sister's turn again. By then we had hoped we met our quota and we're done with ER visits and we simply declared no more were allowed. Well then I go and blow that with my December roll over accident putting me in the ER. (I was en route to see them at the time to BBQ and watch the Packer game.) We are not having any luck here.

Well the call to Miss Tam last week to update her had all of us just shaking our heads and smiling at the irony of it all - we should just know. It apparently is just going to be our thing. Plan a trip to see each other and just know, with out doubt, an ER visit is looming. And then to boot on this one, the little guy also went in last week with an ear infection. Poor little munchkin.

SO... I am praying(!) the leg thing is just the node issue and there are no clots. I want to get up to see my kiddies and spoil on them for a few days and seriously, the boost from seeing them is such amazing medicine. I am living on a high watching C in Le Tour right now but he's got nothing on how quickly these two cuties make my heart melt! The surgeon is not thrilled with the driving and it is off the table if they don't like the look tomorrow. If they don't see anything, I am going to be going but I am supposed to stop every hour or so and get out and walk around a little bit to help keep the swelling down. (Sorry Jane, I lied about not telling the doc, just didn't really ask, kind of said, well I have to travel...)

So that's the update so far. I am on medical leave until - get this and smile - at least Monday the 28th! Yep! I, being the very dedicated fan that I am to my guys, planned this whole appendicitis thing so that I can be home to watch and cheer on the guys for the rest of the Tour. Total fan dedication if you ask me. I think I should get a prize of some sort don't you? Tee hee! :-) (Now if only I was enjoying every minute of it with out pain and such.) But, I'm still off and what a way to work on recovering. Cheering C on in the Tour of his life! Go C! And Will! And the whole Garmin Team! And my other favorites like Jens!, Tony, Stuey, George!!! Watching them certainly brings smiles so good luck guys!!!

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