Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recovery: apendicitis

Just dropping a hello before I try catching up on the last couple stages. I had Stage 4 close but then got side lined. Here's a quick run down of the past couple days...

Monday started out awesome with Will's incredible breakaway! Then that night I started getting a bad headache and serious nausea. Overnight the nausea got so bad I thought for sure I had some odd flu bug and then the pains hit and I could not get comfortable. Lost most of the night being in a lot of pain so no sleep. I did what I could though to suck it up really thinking it just had to be a flu bug of sorts. At one point I wish I could be sick so the nausea would go away. Then another I just wanted to be in the fetal position but it hurt so bad I could barely lay down at all.

Tuesday morning I had to get up early to work on some actual work and struggled through that. By the time I was done with that and some calls, the pains all started to settle into my lower right side. I tried to keep an eye on the TT and saw C have a great(!) ride finishing in 8th but by then I was really not feeling so hot so it was rough keeping in touch with it. I opted to try to lay down and decided if it wasn't any better when I got up, I would call the doc.

It wasn't any better a few hours later so I called and the doc could see me at 3:45. So I showered and headed in. Had to wait once there and didn't see him until just after 5 but it took him all but 2 minutes to tell me to get an overnight bag and head to the ER. He was most certain it was my appendix and wanted me admitted right away. So I got home and made arrangements for my girls and grabbed a couple things and headed to the new hospital. Walked in and already in an ER room by 6 or so.

The ER doc came in and also had his decision made in under 2 minutes. Ordered CT scans and full blood work up. Luckily I was so nauseous I didn't eat since early the night before so I was pretty much ready to go for surgery. The doc already was calling a surgeon before I even left the CT scan room. Apparently my appendix was a wee bit swollen and they didn't think it would last much longer.

By 11 I was in surgery had my appendix removed. Must say I loved the doc that came in to monitor putting me out for it. For what ever reason the girl put the IV in my left arm elbow pit which was a pain as I am left handed so I was constantly setting off the alarm on it when I bent my arm. He wanted to flush it and make sure it was good for surgery. Well he didn't have saline on him, he had the knock out meds in his pocket so I got a 1/2 tube early shot. I was nicely buzzed before ever even getting to surgery. I remember getting into the room and stretching out one arm and that's it.

All went well and I was in a room resting before long. Some good pain meds were injected into the IV and I was out. I had hoped to come home yesterday afternoon but that got delayed after one of the docs took a listen to my breathing. Somehow I managed to have both my lower sections of my lungs collapse. So I was stuck another night. After a night of breathing treatments and therapy, the doc was satisfied this morning for me to go home... yeah!

My friends at Podium Cafe have been a treat. Peg shared the news in yesterday's live thread and GG popped a note in the fan posts. I have to say I missed the gang yesterday morning with out coverage to follow. The hospital had some great channels but no VS and the web they had allowed me to see the stage results but that was it other than checking some email. Last night my girlfriends brought me my laptop once it was determined I would not be released as hoped. So last night and this morning I was able to follow a little more.

I had the perfect place and time to kick back and watch and follow along. I was happy to be back this morning and pretty happy to be home. I faded pretty fast and found the pain pills shortly after the stage today. John had called me at the hospital this morning. C attacked just as I got home and we decided being on the phone probably was not the best. I hurt so bad being so excited following C. I soon after took some meds and went to bed again.

It seemed like the calls flooded in. My brother from HI called and it was great to talk to him. The neighbor called, work called, friend called, then some telemarketers. By 3 I pretty much shut off the phone as I just wanted to sleep. I got up a little earlier but certainly feeling the pains of recovery. I am not sure I realized how well drugged up I was at the hospital as I don't recall feeling too much. Tonight, very different story. Not sure how long I will make it.

But anyways. I'm doing okay. Lower lungs hurt a lot and the one incision is really giving me some issues. Hurtin' a bit and still not done doing it's thing. I can not wait for a long hot shower tomorrow. Then it's just taking it easy while watching the tour over the next week or so. Not too bad. Need to work out for sure time off but should be into the last week. Surgeon said 2 weeks and I have planned time off so things are looking good to follow... ha!

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