Tuesday, July 1, 2008

US Olympic Team Plus

Sorry I've been slacking... Work has picked up this week and I am keeping up with emails and reading good stuff but haven't been back over here to post. Feel free to email me anytime. :-) Hopefully if I get through this week with the hours, I'll get the much wanted mornings open to watch Le Tour! With C and Will there I am so looking forward to it!

News today was the announcement of the US Olympic Cycling Team. The one I saw first was actually at PdC and Jimbo linked us to VeloNews: USA Cycling names Olympic squad. The men's Road Race include Levi, George, C, McCartney, and DZ. I am super stoked for Meatball probably most of all! So excited and happy for him. I really wanted Mike and Brad there riding together so I feel sad that Brad's not going. Lyne over at Podium In Sight has a recent interview with Brad that is a great quick read. And Brad... you may be getting older but you are far from OLD! Hang in there sweetie and continue kicking booty!

Reads to help tide you over...
WillFrischkorn: France Land!
VN: FreshKorn: A night of peace, and then - the Tour
Garmin_Masskant: Can't wait to get to Brest!
VOANews: Cyclist Jonathan Vaughters Determined To Clean Up His Sport

VN: Beijing bound: Mini-Phinney isn't nervous
VeloMulholland: 2008 manhattan beach grand prix (check out Brad!)

And a fun thread for the ladies we have going at PdC: Time to Hunt Down Hotitude!!!

I so likes me some video of our guys!
Sweet Tour starters from VeloNews:
Along for the Garmin Chipotle team training ride in Girona, Spain.
In Girona with GC's Will Frischkorn: Talking Tour team selection
In Girona with GC's team leader David Millar.
In Girona with GC's Jonathan Vaughters, part 1: Spanish operations and 2008
In Girona with GC's Jonathan Vaughters, part 2: The team's Tour squad.
George Hincapie 2008 Tour video diary: Pre-race in Girona, Spain.
In Girona with GC's Christian Vande Velde, part 1: Life in Girona, and the maglia rosa
In Girona with GC's Christian Vande Velde, part 2: Heading to the Tour as a team
VeloNewsTV on location in Girona: An introduction


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