Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Wrap Ups

I for one can not wait for the Tour to start on Saturday! I watched the VS preview tonight and seeing C on there and his love of being the underdog was awesome. I can't put into written words how totally proud of him and the team I am. I swear someday Will might get really tired of all my good lucks and well wishes but until then I so plan to continue cheering him and the guys on! They're doing what could've been impossible 10 years ago and look at them now... Leading the way and showing the world what clean racing looks like! And they're having some damn good fun doing it. :-) So proud and so happy for them!

Some reads worth the time...
VelocityNation: Mike Friedman
TimesOnline: Countdown to the Tour de France: Jonathan Vaughters and his drugs-free team written by Paul Kimmage, author of Rough Ride.
WinnipegFreePress: Squeaky-clean riders
DenverPost: Vaughters: The anti-cyclist
Bicycling: The Few, The Proud (corrections for them... C turned 32 in May and Will just recently turned 27) Hard ride to redemption for one man and his sport
TheScotsman: Rehabilitated Millar ready for Le Tour, but Olympics can wait
EuroPeloton: Tour de France Countdown: 7 Days
VeloSwiss: Mad Cow Zen (love the last paragraph)
SportingJournals: The Tour de France: A Beginner's Guide (GG another one for you - Ha!)
PodiumInSight: The story behind the photo
DanSchmatz: yum yum (update pics on little Samuel)


Erik said...

So you're right. I am getting excited about the TdF. Thanks for the reminder.

Nikki said...

I knew we could get you on board! I'm probably too excited but other than the horrific spills that are gonna happen at some point(s) at least I know my guys are not going to disappoint me! And that(!!!) is reason enough for me to be super psyched!