Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! What a good break from work and life stresses. Put on just over 450 miles since Thursday but it was so worth it! The break started with a delay and is being cut short because of another but it was still a good weekend away. I timed the travel pretty good with the snow storm that hit (sorry your flight was cancelled Jane but happy to hear you are enjoying the TX warmth). Madison has the record for the snowiest season and Milwaukee's season is in 2nd place, only needing like 10 more inches. It is spring, right?!?

I headed up North Thursday and spent some much needed time with B. We went to dinner and a movie. I got caught up on school friends (and the boys) and her up coming trip to NY for school. Friday she came with me in my visit to Tam's. That of course included a Wi-Fi stop for lunch (Score for Slipstream on the Tour Invite!) and a fun spoiling stop at the American Girl Outlet in Oshkosh. John made fun of me when I talked to him Friday with my internet withdrawal I knew I would have with SanRemo Saturday. Time back home and especially time with the kids was important and so needed though and as much as I love cycling, it just doesn't compete with that.

At Tam's the kids kept me busy. We played, read books, did puzzles, colored Easter eggs. It was a blast. And B cracked us up when Amber and Austin slowed down. Even Keith laughed. B was messing with a piano player and she hit some wrong notes, Keith comments that she doesn't need to know her colors, just match them. Okay, maybe you needed to be there but it was funny.

Celebrated Easter at my mom's Saturday since we had B and both she and I had to head out this morning. Went to Easter Mass last night. That is still the most touching mass for me. Having lost dad Easter Sunday morning 2003, it hits cords pretty deep. I'm not sure I will ever forget the moment a raindrop hit my arm that morning and I knew I had to go back to ICU. I miss him.

Drove back earlier today and caught up on loads of emails and cycling and chats with friends. Traffic wasn't too bad (considering its construction season already here in Chicagoland). It's nice to be home but wishing I didn't have a conference call first thing in the morning. I managed 2 full days with out work but that seems to be the limit right now. Ugh!

Will and Meatball got the care package I sent over to them. Meatball broke into the cookies when he got the box but as noted in Will's blog he did leave a couple bites for Will. And how about Will yesterday!?! Score for that incredible break away! These guys are a really fun group to be fans of and in case you've been on vacation - they are INCREDIBLY talented to boot! I'm excited when the team does well and when C, DZ, Will, or Mike score a great day - huge bonus! Way to go!!!

Will emailed a pic this morning and he was enjoying the coffee sent. This weekend, El Gallo, which is one of my favorites got my mom's approval as being pretty good stuff and my brother understood why I like it so much. he liked it by smell alone which is pretty funny. I told Meatball I wasn't a coffee snob but bringing mine with me (not new - mom's used to that but) and my portable grinder might be putting me closer to that category than I thought. :-) All good, yummy, stuff.

Here's some fun pics of me and kids! I miss them already!!!

Above is Mr. Austin. We read a lot of books and got some good play time in. Here he's telling me all about the fireman's helmet. Such a cute little ham! Friday night when we colored eggs he started out all cute and then (while sitting on my lap mind you) slams the egg into the bowl full of egg coloring. It was too cute I couldn't yell at him but did quickly change to a lighter color! The poor egg didn't stand a chance.
This is the adorable little Miss Amber. She has me so wrapped around her finger. Yesterday morning (stayed over to avoid snow) she gave me a HUGE hug when she got up. I just melt when she smiles. Jane I hope you liked the pics we sent. Her sticking her tongue out was too funny!

Miss Bridget is pretty awesome and I just love hanging out with her. How often does someone 20 years younger not only like the music you've got but knows the words? Her and I went through Sheryl Crow and Nickelback a few times on our road trip and it was pretty sweet!

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