Thursday, March 13, 2008

Killer Headache...

Jane you're lucky you live an hour north or I might've had to kick your a$$ for ordering me to update my blog tonight. The meeting/class today kept me away from the computer so I needed to read up on a bunch of stuff I usually check through out the day and read at lunch. Lost last night to the headache so tonight, as enjoyable as it was, has been a long evening. I updated for Paris-Nice and have the race Will's in started but it will need to wait until I after work tomorrow or this weekend. I have two other races that were started too that just need to be wrapped up and posted. Work is making it hard to stay on top of them and Slipstream's site is getting pretty awesome with updates and rider notes so some things may need to be referred to there.

The headache has yet to go away. I'm now wondering if it's the warm weather change. 60 degrees I'll take but have no idea what is feeding this 2 day headache from hell. Couldn't stay inside with the awesome temp tonight though so I walked the girls and then spent an hour picking up dog doo-doo. The really sad part - I think I could spend another hour. Just Gross. Better now though than when it gets a little warmer as then it's just a sick mushy back yard mess. I guess that's what I get though for having slacked with just one attempt since before Christmas. I love my girls but man, yard clean up is awful at the end of winter into spring.

While checking out things in the back yard, I noticed the rabbits have already attacked my burning bushes and a couple other bushes along the back fence. I sprayed them all down tonight again but damn-it if I'm not becoming a bunny hater. All the work on planting all that stuff, I'll be darned if I let them eat them! I can't wait for warmer weather when the girls spend more time out there and help keep them out of the yard. This spring/summer might be time to seal off the bottom of the shed so they, nor the skunks, can enjoy life. And to think I used to think it was cute seeing the cute little bunnies hopping around in the spring. Vermin!!!

Checked on the packages en route to Will & Meatball. One is in the UK and the other left Paris tonight. Amazed at how fast stuff ships to over there and the path it travels. I'm hoping everything sent is maintained and they get all the goodies. Hopefully will know tomorrow or Monday. Will had me send it to Mike's attention since well, he's racing in Italy right now, and Mike's home alone. Hopefully it will be a nice pick me up for the guys. :-)

I'm off to find some migraine meds to knock me out and get some sleep.
Good Sleeps!


GG said...

I wanted you to update your blog because I was missing reading it :(

So thanks for suffering through this for me. Give me a call this weekend. Sally is in OHIO so maybe we can do lunch on Sunday, but I need to clean my house for next Wednesday's party.

Nikki said...

I've got the meet and greet for the girls tomorrow with the dog I'll be watching for a co-worker and then a boatload of work I have to wrap up before a meeting Mon morn. Not sure if I'm going to try and do it all here or just go into the office. I'll give you a call in any case. :0)