Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Morning Fun

Got some good sleeps last night. Only woke up early this morning because Wieser has a bottomless stomach and assured me he was hungry and the girls wanted to get up and play outside. :-) I miss the 60 degrees of the last two days already as I think it's only like low 30's this morning. Come on Spring!!!!

Last night was a great night. I was out of work just after 4 (like a 1/2 day, but working many hours this weekend will offset it...augh!). Got home and caught up with Miss Heather outside. Seems we are all working on cleaning up after our girls in the back yard. Helped some neighbor kids get their little beagle back that took off. Miss Heather and I yell a howdy Hello over to Todd only to hear a little neighbor girl crying because Peaches ran off. So off to offer some help. I swear sometimes, people couldn't catch a bug falling dead from a bug zapper. Nothing like having dog want attention and having 3 little kids running after it to only push it about a mile away. But in the end Peaches was brought back home so all ended well.

Miss Heather and I were comparing the damage to our plantings last year from the little Vermin taking homes in our yards. It is now that we realize that Cactus wasn't so gross bringing home bunny carcusses from adventures in the neighborhood but a balance needed to keep the population down!!! We've both now sprayed our stuff down to help slow down the attack. Whoever invented that stuff could not possibly have had a sense of smell. It reaks like a cross between a rotting corpse and fresh doggy doo. So gross but the one I use seems to work if consistenly applied so what's one to do?!?

Spent a solid 2nd hour picking up crap (litterly) but finally think I've got the yard cleaned up. Took the girls for another walk and even got a 30 minute bike ride in last night. So sweet and man did it feel good to enjoy. My fat butt has a long way to go to being "in shape" but slowly I am making solid progress.

Cooper is going to be over this afternoon to meet the girls. He'll be visiting in a couple weeks while my co-worker and her family go on a cruise. It should be a fun meet-n-greet as my girls are really laid back and always seem to enjoy having friends over.

Midnight turned 12 today. I'll have to post some pics of her later. She's so sweet but the older age is showing it's ugly head. The gray hairs and sore hip and muscles. It almost wants to make ya cry knowing she just wants to play ball all day but the body just can't do it.

I'm off to some house cleaning and more coffee. Ground up some Intelligentsia this morning, oh my, how yummy it is. One pot down, probably a 2nd to follow. :-)


GG said...

Happy Birthday Pookey! Aunt Jane will bring you a present the next time I come down.

Nic I can transfer some stray cats from my backyard if you need them. Though I love cute little bunnies, once I get my flower beds planted I am sure I will not feel the same. Hopefully all the stray cats will keep them away, but I do have a few I can spare.

House cleaning tomorrow for me to don't work to hard.

Nikki said...

I got your email... are you serious? Hope I'm sleeping? That's pretty funny. Although last night was a good night. I think all the time outside helped. Too chilly today for that though.

Pooky's been kind of down all day today. Right now she is sleeping next to me on the floor and won't leave my side. She was like this with my accident. Sweet thing is starting to worry me.