Saturday, March 1, 2008

Truly worth the time...

As I don't sleep I was looking for something to do to chill tonight after clearing the other computer. I read through the cycling sites that I couldn't get to this week and then found that I still wasn't tired. So, I went to my blog and I decided to watch the full Randy Pausch's lecture I had posted on my earlier entry. I'd watched the 11 minute recap a few times and figured the whole lecture was due its time. Now that I am wireless with the cool laptop, why not check it out?

Having my Bachelors degree and MBA, I've had my share of professors. Some were really good but I don't know if any of them have inspired me as much as this man just did. The full lecture was better than I could've thought and the recap is just such a small taste. I would highly recomend finding the time to take a look. If only we all could have someone to inspire us and to have a legacy that he has put into place. A truly amazing person and truly someone who inspires.

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GG said...

I still haven't listened to either of the links, but maybe tomorrow while I am working from home I will turn it on and listen.

If you need to reach me tomorrow I will be on my work computer and you can call me.