Thursday, March 27, 2008

Venting: WADA vs UCI vs ASO

Seriously asking... when are the arses heading the sport, going to pull their heads out of their butts and start getting on with the actual sporting issues? I love cycling and will continue to follow the guys (even with doping busts and confessions for the past - they're getting caught and we're moving on) but damn, I've had enough of the political crap leading the headlines.

They have one amazing shot to get things right this year and now they continue to act like 5 year olds. If it isn't ASO vs UCI, it's UCI vs WADA. I see both sides of most arguments, almost to a fault sometimes, (even think I have some understanding to both sides in the Paris-Nice fight - still think its the riders being hurt the most) but this crap is getting ridiculous. When is the ASO chiming in now with the passport issue? I thought they were on board especially for using it with the Tour. I'm sure we could get all 3 in a nice ring match before the week is done.

I might not know all things cycling, but I'm pretty sure most would agree the fighting going on is incredibly stupid. This sport deserves some serious professionalism and it's depressing to see it not coming from the top. Sit down like the adults you are supposed to be and lay things out. If you truly love cycling and cherish it, how can you not resolve these things? What are these big arses going to do when the fighting chases away the rest of the sponsors. Then there won't be any big events to put on as there's no money to get the riders there to compete and our guys won't be able to make a living doing what they love so the training and such will crumble. As a bigger result, we fans that live to cheer on our favorites, won't be able to come watch and we won't be spending the money at the events that helps connect the circle.

GROW UP, get the crap resolved, and can we PLEASE move on and start enjoying this amazing sport? I want to see the guys ride, have some fun doing so, and keep us on our seats as things - RACING tactic things! - stay animated and thrilling. I'm tired of the animation from the sidelines. I want to see it in the races and not in the political headlines!

...okay so I am stepping off the box now. I generally try to avoid entries like this but I seriously would really love to open up the websites I follow and get great scoops on the sport and the races and the riders. I'm tired of seeing the headlines of the top folks battling it out. Can we get back to cycling?!? Some of us have pretty awesome riders we'd like to cheer on!

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GG said...

Okay i have to admit that I didn't get to read every entry, but I loved the pics from your trip to Tam's. I am glad you had such a nice visit.

I miss those kiddos too.