Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it Friday yet?!?

Little Miss Amber... too cute and sweet as sugar!
My adorable little godson Austin and Miss Jane.
How do you not just love the little guy!?!?

I haven't figured out the printer yet to scan in the pics of Pooky but I do have these. I'm more than sure Jane will be rubbing in the 80 degree temps by the end of the week so I'm offsetting it with some teasing of my own. She might get the sun but I get to spoil the kiddies on Friday! Eat your heart out Jane!!!
I'll try not to love on them too much with out you! Plus this only gets better as I am picking little Miss B up on Thursday and her and I are going to hang out for a couple days. She's going to help me spoil the munchkins too! You're so missing out!!! Tee hee hee!!!
Let me know what you'd like put in the Easter basket. Tam says - "don't you dare" which we know really means - "bring it on!" LOL!!! I am so looking forward to a couple days off. Hopefully the weather will be nicer this time as the last time back home, wasn't so good and sadly I think the shoulder and knee haven't been the same since. We won't get into the blazer...
Right now I honestly don't know that I can think of any better place to be looking forward to than some down time with the cutest and sweetest kids!!!


GG said...

That was a low blow, but I deserve it after all my excitement I have been blabbing at you. Enjoy spending time with B and the kiddos. If you could just give them one hug from Aunt Jane and the rest can be from you.

Of course you must bring presents as Tam dared you.


Nikki said...

I will share the hugs... promise! You just need to bring that sun and warm weather back with you!!! The walks with the girls and bike ride Friday night are really setting me up for a seriously bad case of spring fever!