Monday, March 3, 2008


What a life... Pooky snoozed while I worked from home on Friday. My sweet girl is getting older. She's so darn sweet and likes her spot on the couch. She kicks most people off so she can have it. :-) I found some pics when the computer got moved of her when I first got her. She was so tiny and then another when she was a few months. She was a riot!

Still in a strange funk and not sure how to shake it. I'm hoping some sleep might help. Can't say I got a lot this weekend and then last night I think I scored a whole hour and that's only if you piece all the tidbits together. Went to bed, laid there for a good hour or two, got back up. Did that a couple times and then gave up. Scary how one can be this tired and truly just unable to drift off. Got a work out in tonight so hopefully tonight will be a little easier. Having this cough has made it almost impossible to work out. 2 attempts in almost 2 weeks, not good. Tonight wasn't too bad. Got a good 20 minutes in before the coughs started and then just pushed through until the CD I was listening to was done.

Having all the time I did last night, I've pondered the idea of a roommate again. Luckily its not about funds but more so just thinking about having someone else around. I miss college days of roommates. Not sure I could handle a female but need to keep options open if I get serious about the idea. The guys were always much more enjoyable to have around and live with - no offense Jane and actually I am sure you might agree. Ronnie, D, and Kevin certainly kept things fun. No PMSing and for the most part, when the rare tiff would appear it was done and over with before anytime fretting it was done. We'll have to see. Until then, maybe I can find a few pics from the adventures. I'm sure those memories would make or break the idea. Tee hee!


GG said...

What a cute picture of M and to think I used to get so mad at her when she ate my shoes. How could anyone ever be mad at that sweet girl.

I tried to snap you out of your funk on Sunday guess it didn't work, want me to try again?

Be careful what pictures from college you post. Some could be embarring to certain individuals who have been really nice to you and comment on your blog. You wouldn't want to that to stop.


Nikki said...

I still can't believe you actually hit me. I don't know that I deserved that at that point. :-)

I came across some pics and yes, some could be slightly embarassing but I promise not to post the ones of a certain someone passed out with dog toys laying on them. least not yet!

Still have no idea what the funk is but hopefully it will pass sooner than later. The serious lack of sleep is taking a serious toll right now.