Friday, March 7, 2008

No, I'm not so devasted I can't function...

...but thanks for all the great emails this week of such deep concern! Some really did have me in tears - from laughing! I actually got tied up with work, it was not severe depression as suggest by one. So a nice "ha ha" to all the emails and jokes I've gotten this week on the sad announcement. And a nice thank you to those who, like me, appreciate and accept that Brett Favre is one of the greats and too are a little sad to see him go. His legend will forever be remembered.

I'm really proud to have been able to grow up in Cheeseland having watched him lead the team. I truly loved it as I just loved his love for the game and watching him for what feels like forever was exciting. The above pic was from 1-12-08, my birthday, and what an awesome day that was! I wasn't at the game but to see the snow globe and the fun being had, it's an amazing memory. Many of which I have of watching him.

I took a lot of heat and it got pretty funny at work this week. At one point of the teasing my manager - all sincere mind you - asked if I would be okay... if I needed any time off to mourn the loss, and the best - if I needed a hug. It was pretty damn funny if you know the guys I work with. I love being a Packer fan and for the most part I love being here in IL and knowing the great history we're all a part of!!! I mean seriously... the Bear's?!?

One funny thought that came up was that I have some younger friends and family that don't know any other quarterback other than Brett. My Bear's fan co-workers and friends were pretty good at acknowledging his talent and they too even admit they loved watching him. Now they quickly do add that they are not as sorry to see him go as they would like to see me suffer as they have... ha ha!

It's all good and as sad as I was to hear the news it doesn't change how great I think he is for what he's done on the field over the years and certainly won't stop me from being a Packer Fan. I will however be in slight denial until the actual season starts. There is always that small hope he comes back this one last year with this pretty cool team to give it one more shot and allow us to say good-bye in the best ways we can. If it remains, it does, and life does move on.

Back in December when the Bear's beat the Packers, the jokes and one-liners the guys had for me were held off and slowly let out as that happened to be the same day as my accident. A funny follow up on that painful memory is that the accident made That sadly only encouraged the guys, they are now fully convinced I truly was stalking Brett that morning.

Below is one of the many jokes we passed. Trust me the guys did indeed send me something similar reversed about the Superbowl. I died laughing though as, oh yeah - the Bear's still didn't make the playoffs! Too much fun!

A man goes to the Chicago Bears ticket office and inquires about purchasing play-off tickets. The ticket teller replies that there weren't any tickets for sale because the Bears did not make it to the play-offs.

The following day the same man goes to the Chicago Bears ticket office and inquires about purchasing Bears play-off tickets. The ticket teller politely replies that there weren't any tickets for sale because the Bears did not make it to the play-offs. This goes on for an entire week.

The man goes to the Bears ticket office inquiring about play-off tickets and the teller says none are for sale because the Bears did not make it to the play-offs. Another week of this goes by and the man still is asking the ticket teller about Bears play-off tickets.


The man replied, 'I know.' I drive all the way from Green Bay just to hear you say that!

It's been a great time for football. Even if you're not a Packer Fan, I hope you enjoyed the fun and you accept that, maybe not the greatest, Brett truly is one of the greats!

The very well done - Legends Tribute to Brett Favre from Thanksgiving Day copied out on YouTube.


GG said...

I had no idea that your accident made the Packer news.

I have to say that even though I would consider myself a fan of Brett Farve I am more of a plain old Packer fan. So weather or not Farve returns I will still be cheering them on and still want to see a game in Green Bay.

Nikki said...

I was both for sure and will miss seeing Favre on the field. Red said he would set us up with a game this fall. I'll see him and B next week (yep, actually taking a couple days off for a road trip home) and I'll talk to him some more about it. I'll have to get an entry in on my Mom's CIA thing soon before though or he'll surely use it as leverage. He had me rolling that night he and I discovered she's told us both a different story on it. How messed up is that?!?