Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You better bring sun back!

GG where are you?!? Nothing for days?!?

DA stopped by to get a few things. It's only getting harder and only causing more anxiety. Someday it should be easy... right?

Hope you are having an awesome time down in Texas. Hope the sun and hop over to Mexico were a blast! Can't wait to the pictures you and John bring back. Hope you bring back some awesome warm weather (and longer than a day this time!) and that glorious sun we are all missing. Call when you get back!


GG said...

I am here, I enjoyed hearing from you today. We are having a great time and getting lots of sun. I am attempting to bottle the sun and warm air to bring back with me hopefully it will fit in my suitcase. Tomorrow is our last full day and then it is back to the cold reality of Chicago.

Sorry I have been out of touch I was avoiding the computer. Stay warm and safe and I will call when we get home Saturday.

Nikki said...

I hope Mexico was fun! I eagerly await the bottle of sun and warmth. I hope it travels well!