Friday, February 29, 2008


So I owe Jane a pretty huge thank you for putting up with my call tonight and hopefully lunch Sunday will help pay off some of the debt. I am up and running on the new computer, wireless and all. I even got my email connected. Feels pretty cool since this is very much so not my thing, at least not anymore. There was a time when I could do this stuff with out much thought but years after not working with systems sides of things and simply not having to with DA always doing that stuff at home, I for one simply forget. I guess it would be similar to my knowing sign language. I used to help teach it and could carry on simple conversations but after years of not working with it, I'm lucky if I remember the alphabet.

Working from home today was pretty nice. I still think I might work more hours when I do that though but I guess no commuting makes up for it. I'd been feeling pretty good earlier this week and then last night the coughing hit me again and I woke up this morning feeling like my rib cage had been hit by a sledge hammer. Worst part is that there is just nothing to be coughed out at this point. It's that really deep type cough though and man if it doesn't just kill if I can't stop it quickly. The odd part is that I feel really good as long as I don't cough. I'm hoping the next two days off will help me get over it. I shoveled this morning and even attempted a work out but that was just a bit too much to ask of the lungs. More coffee and a hot shower.... ahhhhh. :-)

Well I'm off to finish wiping my life off the other computer. Tomorrow could prove to be a stressful day so some sleep wouldn't hurt either. Maybe I'll find the Ambien to help make sure I get some. The sleep gods haven't liked me in a long time and adding in coughing fits certainly isn't helping.

Tomorrow is Het Volk and should be a pretty exciting race.
Good Luck to Will, Meatball and the Slipstream gang!

Good Sleeps All!

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