Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Sunday

Wow. Hard to believe the weekend is coming to close already. It's been busy which is always a good thing but I wish it was another day or two longer. :-)

Yesterday was pretty windy and a bit on the chilly side. Throw in some rain for kicks. The light ride I did yesterday hurt a bit with the dampness and wind. Today however - totally made up for it! I chilled this morning and when Jane got here, we were off to find another course John told me about. Have to say a big hug and kiss for John and Diane on this one! It was sweet as pie. The only downfall was that we headed south first and there was a huge part not paved. Very mountain bike friendly "off road" area. This would've been awesome had I brought my mountain bike instead of my road bike. But it was still good and the scenery and area was great.

After we got to the end of that section we turned around and headed back. I think Jane was ready to call it a day but I decided to ride up and see where the paved section headed. Talk about nice. I got to the next section and flew back to check on Jane who I think might just have been swearing under her breath at me by this point but she agreed to continue on. I'm so glad we did. I took the trail all the way until it split in two directions. I wasn't exactly sure where we were so I wasn't positive which way would be best. Had this been the first leg I would've circled back for Jane and we would've taken one way to the end. But since this was the 2nd leg, I opted to turn around, find Jane, and head south again. She and I at this point were both ready to find the car and more water.

The one bad thing is that when I first circled back to find Jane on this 2nd leg, I knew there was quite the headwind that would meet us out of this area. I opted to not share until we got to the end. The final stretch on the road back to the path and car was "fun" - ha ha. :-) But all in all a great ride and I'm so excited for Jane who stuck with it. At this point I ride a bit faster but with ipods in hand we do well catching up at different sections. Plus I found circling back for her gave me the extra distance I wanted with out killing her. I almost dread the day she kicks my butt as it's going to be painful and she's going to totally bring on the ass whoopin'!!!

The path is really new and it cuts through woods and along the river/canal. I love it and Jane did too with it being pretty flat. She agreed we could come back to this one again soon and it was just a really great ride. The scenery was awesome and the path was really nicely done. Huge kudo's to Diane on that!!!

We rode just over 30K today. Jane said she doesn't care about kilometers - what was the mileage? I laugh as with distance for biking I can't figure out mileage as most European races and such are all km's. When you throw miles at me during a race I am clueless as to what it means. When the guys are 10k out, then 5k, 3k, 2k, 1k, you just know what you expect to see start happening. Tell me they're 10 miles out and it means squat. Distance in km's, temps in F. All things are good with that! :-) (Now with everyday driving distances, don't bother me with anything short or miles but then again here in Chicagoland, it's all minutes anyways.)

After the ride we got some lunch and then Jane headed home. I decided I should get the grass cut since the back grew like a 1/2 foot from all the rain. Got all that done and then I cursed the damn creeping charlie crap that somehow jumped both mine and the neighbors fences (with like 3 foot chipped border) into our lawns this spring. I love being backed up to a park district but damn, that crap is horrible. It came from that side and last year I spent a couple weekends pulling it away from the fence on that side. This spring it hit the lawn and it's spreading like wild fire. I hate it! I spent about an hour pulling it from the wooded area and some from the lawn. I'll be spending many hours trying to pull as much of it out as I can and then hitting it with whatever weed killer I can find. I'm always cautious on that stuff though with the girls. Midnight is prone to spring allergies anyway and a rash this early would not make her happy if it was my doing.

Jane, you'll love this - after Friday night's dinner line this one cracked me up. He says he went to lunch today by himself. Yeah, okay, whatever. Well apparently his card wouldn't go through. We know my opinion and thoughts on most of this. Seriously. Please try to tell me again you're off to lunch on your own. I'm not sure if it's a money angle or what right now but it's still the same stuff. Right now having some expendable money (new concept after all those years of watching it get pissed away) has been enjoyable. To see the same situations going on (thankfully with me not in them anymore) is sad. Just thought you'd like the laugh. AND, ha ha, you forgot to hit me! LOL!!!

Well I'm off to watch a little racing and then to bed. I've been a little unsuccessful in finding results on the race Will was in today but the team site shows him finishing 19th so good for him and the team as it sounds like Dan had things going! This week I'm hoping to say WTF with Friedman and to get back into following a race a bit more closely. Then next weekend start the Giro and man I'm sure that will zap some energy. Hope it was a good weekend for all!


GG said...

Okay 30K is 18.6 miles.

The trail was very nice. Thanks John, but you are still not off the hook for the other trail yet.

I am still tired today though that could just be cause it is Monday.

I did not forget my threat to hit you for having dinner with DA, but have chosen to hold it to see if you learned your lesson.

P.S. I got a little sun-burn on my left shoulder from our ride yesterday.

Nikki said...

I was going to ask you about being sun burned. Mine is pretty odd. Left side, other then the neck area seems fine. But the right elbow forearm ish area is deeply fried and the top of my right hand is cooked. WTF? I assumed it was from cutting the grass later as riding we pretty much spent equal time in both directions so I would've expected equal burn. Strange. And I discovered my livestrong band must move a lot. There's like a 2 inch whiter spot on that wrist. Kind a funny looking at the moment.