Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun Things Giro

So I for one am really excited about this race and can't wait for Saturday to get here. It's the first of the Grand Tours this year and in the past is said to be a more relaxed ride for the guys and certainly has some of the sweetest scenery around. Taking a look at the course over the past few days, I'm not sure it's going to be all that relaxed this year, especially in the 2nd half. Have you taken a look at the stage profiles? Ouch. Serious ouch in some cases. It's most certainly going to be a mountain goat that wins this thing and they'll need to know a thing or two on time trialing as well. 4 stages of those.

Slipstream gets its first chance in a GT which is pretty exciting. Having watched C on CSC the past 3 years it will be a bit different watching the GT's but I am truly excited. Slipstream is known for good animation and they have some great guys so cheering for them will be a complete pleasure. I'm really hoping that C is the GC guy. C has always ridden in support of others including Lance and Sastre but how cool to see him being the man. The team is loaded with talent and I can't wait to see what Pate does. Ryder and McCarty should be exciting in the mountains and these guys all do well in TT's so I'm hoping for some good stuff.

I can't wait for John to get back from Girona to hear how the guys are and how the TTT practices went. I can't imagine him not checking it out. I think Peg and I will hurt him if he doesn't have some updated pics of the adorable little Puma. John shared some of her when I saw him last Friday. The ones I have sitting here are just so damn cute. Hopefully he was able to find places in luggage for the goodies I sent along. Nothing like good coffee, a very pink onsie, some goodies for George and cute little Julia, and an early birthday gift for Will. I didn't wrap anything as never knowing how customs goes. Too fun. :-)

I've been reading up on a lot of the race as it's huge news right now seen who's doing what and who GC's are. Astana got a last minute invite which I can't say surprised me much but have to ponder what mind games get played with a late invite like that. I like Levi and Horner and really do enjoy watching Alberto climb but the team just doesn't do much for me. I'm quite happy cheering for Slipstream & CSC and love the guys. My virtual team for the Giro was knocked a guy today from a training crash but still has a bunch of Slippies, HighRoad and CSC guys. Jens! of course my most expensive pick. I just love that man. :-)

I thought I'd link some of the many things I've been reading lately. I know most of you won't select a single link but some seem to enjoy them. If you find some time to dabble, take a read and enjoy!!! I'll be watching as much of this as I can over the next three weeks!!!

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Others -

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Post Yer Giro VDS team here!


GG said...

Girl I still think you are crazy. Okay I have to ask what does GC and GT stand for? All your dang abbreviations are killer on us who try to read to support your obsession.

You need to have a talk with the weather man cause he is calling for rain Sunday.

Nikki said...

GC = General Classification (overall leader for stage races)
GT = Grand Tour (3 week races: Giro, Tour, Vuelta)

I'm hoping the rain holds off. I'm going to try and get a ride in tomorrow as well. I was out for dinner and a movie tonight - sorry I missed your call. I'll give you a buzz in the morning. :-)