Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great Day!

The to do list was great today!

Watch Slipstream win the TTT in the Giro - done!
Watch C pull on the pink leader's jersey in said race - done!
Drop a couple calls to John in excitement for C - done!
Call John and hear about how awesome the past week was in Girona - done!
Drop C an email telling him he looks AWESOME in PINK - done!
***Bonus - get email back from C being modest and then hoping he finds a pair of pink booties - done!

Head out for a small ride during the sweetest sunny part of the day - done!
Get the grass cut - done!
Dread but still do the trimming all the way around the yard - done!
Fertilize the said lawn - done!

Pull up the CTV on demand and re watch the parts of Slipstream kicking some argyle butt - done!
Watch C, DZ, and team have a blast on the podium again - done!
Read up on so many things Slipstream tonight - done!

Take girls for a walk - done!
Feel like I've finally had a great Saturday at home (with NO work work) - done done done!!!

I love it!

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