Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kick-the-Can & Giro Rest Day #2

Thank goodness today was a rest day. Too many work things to get caught up on and I'm not sure my eyes could've taken another day watching the race. Well okay, who are we kidding, I know I totally would've been up for watching, but still, happy to have a break all the same. I wasn't sure if I was even going to sign on tonight as I have 81 pages still to read for work in the morning but what the heck. Tomorrow's stage sadly might have to be watched on demand. The nerve of work, I swear!

I've read a bunch of sites today and I have to say I really do love Podium Cafe the best! On a day when people are looking for fun, Chris is flow charting the Giro for us! How sweet is that? I think it might've just been a ploy to really see how many of us geeks are there that love that crap but maybe he was just really procrastinating with our update for VDS? Tifosa checked in from the TT yesterday with some sweet shots and write up. Then to top the great reading for the day, ursula writes up an awesome Giro End Game. He needs to write more often with that insight! This afternoon, after a long weekend, crashdan inspires us some more with his post - PdC Drinking Game... I need not say anything more! Ha Ha! The PdC just rocks!!!

Oh, and need I not forget, the kick-the-can part. Today after lunch one of the guys and I were talking about the weekend and all the fun bands around, scenery, and what we all did. We somehow start talking about growing up and trails we knew and how an area he knew really well now looks very different. This leads to more stuff we did growing up and we get into fun chatter on mischief and how what we did years ago doesn't happen anymore - like kids playing Kick-the-Can. I mean seriously, what happened to that kind of stuff? My brother and I along with the neighborhood guys played that kind of thing every summer. We were always outside "exploring" something. Games like Kick-the-Can should not be forgotten. We had a killer yard with hills and an orchard up back and a huge football sized field in the middle of the block with kept us occupied and usually out of trouble for hours everyday. Now that said yard was a bitch cutting lawn for week after week but it rocked all the same. We weren't bored, we were out doing. Atari had nothing on the fun we created ourselves!

I think now I might need to go sober up after maybe drinking a wee bit much with all the PdC fun being had tonight. Somehow I have to figure out how to speed read those last 81 pages. Ouch!!!

Some other reads for ya'll:
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GG said...

Okay you guys need to get some help. I love the one about if they mention CVV yell your name and drink, so fitting.

I am off to actually do some work today. Must stay focused.

Nikki said...

Had to stay focused today although I did watch the last 2 minutes of this mornings stage. I might watch it later, or at least the last 20 minutes or so. Got through the brief today but now my head hurts. Probably shouldn't have had the wine last night and just gone to bed earlier instead of being on PdC. Good place I tell ya!!! Between some emails and comments, I had the best laughs I've had in awhile!

GG said...

Did you listen to the song?

Nikki said...

Retarded. Is it better actually on the radio? I'll let you support the Chipotle commercials, I'll stick with the riders. I'll try and listen to some of the other ones after I get home tonight.

GG said...

I never said it was good, I just got the dang thing stuck in my head after someone called Slipstream the buritto team, then I heard the song.