Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Times

Well I wish I could say the doctor was right but I flat out refuse so GG - today's pain had to truly be from not wearing my jacket on our ride. Ugh. Friday I felt so great with the yard work, the short ride, the elliptical later. Then today just wasn't very fun.

Jane came down after the race and I was so ready for a good ride again. We go over to the forest preserve and with in a couple K's I realize something is up with my mountain bike. I had her willing (barely) to go on another route and of course it had some hills so she was not liking it. I go to climb one of the smaller ones in the beginning and I died. I wasn't sure if the chain was messed up with gears or what but for the first time in awhile there was no way I was going to make it up. I get off and realize my back wheel is rubbing the frame. It was like brakes full on. I was so irritated. She catches up and we turn back so I can fix it. At this point I'm thinking she threw a major jinx on me as punishment for the hills.

We get back to the house and I surprise myself that I actually figure out fixing it pretty quickly. For any real rider it would've been a no brainer but as much as I love riding it, when it comes the bike itself, thank god for the local bike shop and John. If I hadn't gotten it, the plan was to swap out with my road bike. But, since I got it, we headed back over to the woods. This time however there is no way Jane is letting me head in the direction we did earlier. So we do our old loop a few times.

The ride was great but the back half bit a little as it was into the wind. And being Chicagoland, "wind" isn't an enjoyable term. The funny thing is that by the time we'd get to the path to head back to the street, I'd forget how much the wind sucked earlier and we'd decide to go again. By the 3rd loop I was in a bit of trouble. I wasn't at all ready to stop but had finally reached that point in which I was no longer comfortable. We called it after that and road back to the car.

I'm sure GG will chime in as she was yelling at me the rest of the afternoon. She truly didn't mean to laugh at me but she did. She knew better and I guess I did too but I like my rides with her and with a busy week and the doc thing I didn't get my work outs in and that tends to stress me more than maybe it should. As we were talking over some lunch, we concluded my pain tolerance is much higher than most so when I finally give in, its usually too late. With 2 serious auto accidents in my life I've mastered keeping discomforts quiet and through everything my dad went through, I just fail to see much in whining about things. Today, there was no need to whine but I probably shouldn't have done as much. Oh well. :-)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was great weather here and I'm hoping this next week is a quiet one at work. Tomorrow is a rest day in the Giro so I should be nicely bored at work with out 10 things to be done at the same time while listening to the race in the background. For now, I'm off to read up on today and link away the stuff I find. Happy Sleeps All!

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