Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goal Victory!

For a few of you that know me, you know that I've been overweight for what feels like forever or more simply put, my whole life. I was never a small girl but I was athletic through out high school and never let my weight interfere with living life but it was always there. Not that long ago - okay so it started over 2 years ago - I set out to lose weight and get in shape. I had started out really well, working with a doctor to make sure that I did it safely and as healthy as possible. I was at the gym most nights of the week and I had great results for about 8 months. Then my life kind of flipped upside down. Working out and losing weight sadly took a very back seat to a very rough patch of life experience. I gained a few back, but not many, but certainly wasn't losing any.

After getting through probably the 2nd worst experience of my life, 2nd only to losing my dad, I got the desire back last Fall to want to finish what I had started out to do. It all got put back on track thanks to some serious inspiration from "a friend". Then after my car accident in December it got put front seat where it should've been all along. I was truly determined to get my knee and my health back on a healthier trail.

What's my goal victory inspiring this post? Well it's a goal I had set when I first started that I, for the longest time, didn't think I would or even could ever achieve. It was losing 100 pounds. I finally did that earlier this week and I have to say it's happened with silent smiles and pure determination to not stop there! Why were the smiles silent when I saw that I did it - as this should be huge right? Well, I'm still nowhere near being a small girl and the fact that I allowed myself to get as heavy as I did, very depressing and pretty sad when thought about. Yet, smiles from ear to ear as I actually did it. And I'm still going as I have a whole lot more to lose.

I currently have been working out at least 3 days a week at the gym (work just doesn't always allow 5 days) and continuing my elliptical an additional minimum 3 nights a week. Along with walking my girls and of course - riding my bike! Watching what I eat certainly has been stepped up as well but I still like to enjoy things so its moderation and just a boatload of exercise to offset not eating rabbit food and liquids.

Back when I started I seriously was considering the by-pass surgery. I thought that there was no way I could do anything major with out something that drastic. Thanks to my doctor he insisted I see a nutritionist for a bit first. Well doing that showed me that I could do it with out surgery and was encouraging so I opted to not go through with it. Plus at the time, having kids was pretty serious for me and the surgery had many unknowns on its effects.

What has losing 100 pounds meant? Well when I started (and girls will get this better than guys but) I was wearing 34W pants which were "snug" to say the least and I swear I had asthma just going up a few stairs. Today, I'm in 24W's that "fit" and I prefer stairs - at least a couple flights anyways (LOL!). I enjoy riding my bike like never before and walking and the elliptical? Way better at reducing stress when ones not dieing after 5 minutes.

Probably closest pic I could find at the heaviest I was.

Back in March with my niece B!


I want to take a few minutes to be sappy (since its my blog and all) and say that I've got some of the most amazing friends. My best friend is now out riding with me on Sundays and will soon be aiming to kick my butt on some of our rides. I've got Miss Heather who helped me get it all started 2 years ago and with out the gym partner then, I certainly would not be this far. I've got Miss Peg and Miss Tina that have been huge cheerleaders and emotional pillows for me to fall on through so much. I've got Red there too being Mr. You Rock Sis that touches the heart. And the list goes on.

Others, like John and the "dead pool" gang, met me while I was my heaviest and they never treated me anything short of sweet. I can't say enough about the fun at the bar or at the hotels playing Texas Hold 'em till all hours of the night! The guys were always keeping smiles and laughs flowing! It's friends like these that never judged this book by its cover that inspire me and encourage me to keep going when I just want a pizza and a nap! They gave me some hope when most was gone.

Another very huge and heartfelt thanks that went a bit more deeply in an email, goes out to my cycling guys that I adore. I've been almost blessed with this pretty sweet welcoming into a few lives that I'm not sure with out John I would be privy too. To them - Christian - Will - Meatball - John! and others, thank you in ways I will always continue to try and repay but will always fall short of doing. You guys have NO idea how often or how deeply you inspire me. And that's not even touching on the thank you for the laughs you've given me getting through hell and everyday since then!

Last Fall's restart got pushed for me after watching C in the Vuelta. That man should be listed under inspiring in the dictionary - he certainly is for me! How many crashes and at least one smashed bike and helmet and he still got up and rode on?!? And Meatball? That guy has come back from a hell of his own and look at him now kickin' some ass?!?! And of course Will who's foodie writes I now live through and who's sweetness is cherished. Anyone seen this year's Milan SanRemo when it comes to diggin' deep? Trust me, I could keep going!

To the many of you, my very sincere thank yous and I love yous as you make busting my butt at the gym a whole lot easier.

For now I'm smiling silently and I've braved this post in hopes that maybe others might be inspired. Plus I wanted to share my thanks and love for all of these special peoples that each in their own ways, whether they know it or not, are inspiring me and encouraging me every day! I have a long way to go before I feel really good about myself but this particular goal means a lot. I'm already planning the next one but none will quite compare to this one.

Oh - and you might ask, how did I celebrate my silently smiled about goal achievement? Pizza? Ice cream? A serious drink or two? Nope. Worked too damn hard to indulge with out good company. I went for a bike ride, on my new bike that I got last weekend in celebration of being so close and knowing this was going to be the week. Can I just say, one of the sweetest rides I've ever been on!


GG said...

You rock girl! I told John about your victory last night and he was cheering for you too.

I am right there with you every step of the way and for those that may not know me I am the one she drags out on those infamous bike rides :)

You are an inspiration!!!!!!

HMomma said...

I'm so proud of you!
Now if we could just get you to sleep!
Miss heather

Dan Schmatz said...


Hearing your tell your story is very inspiring.


cat2bike said...

Congrats, Nikki!! Major inspiration! It's great when we can achieve a HUGE goal! Very satisfying. Keep it up!!!


Nikki said...

You guys are sweet! And motivating!

Finally got a break with month end today. After being downtown all day yesterday it's a wonder we got it all done.

Can I just say Holy Crap!!! The post got Miss Heather out of the shadows. Had this all it had taken I would've chopped a finger off or something to reach the goal sooner! LOL!

Dan - Thank you. I so hope you know you are part of those I adore and have totally used for motivation. When I dropped you that email in January I was finally having fun again! The laughs from you and Mike Jones and Byrd, very sweet! Thank You! After reading you for so long and to see you transition in life and still givin' it! You too are a motivational sweetheart!

The rest of you - check out his most adorable little Samuel! Such a cutie. A mini-Dan if you would! :-)

Thanks Theresa! I am so looking forward to Downers! We'll have to see what I can accomplish between now and then. :-)

Julie said...

Congrats Nikki! Well done, and well written! Elden and Susan are reminding us all to embrace life, and it's great to see you do just that!

Nikki said...

Thanks Julie. :-)
Can I just say that I have tear filled eyes now everytime I read his site. I hope he continues to write about it as a way to help release. His latest post he cried all the way up the hill. So touching. I posted on his site the other day and thoughts and prayers continue for them.

Erik said...


Nikki said...

Thanks Erik!
I couldn't remember when we started following each other. Never ending battle but one worth fighting for. :-)