Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Wrap

Well Monday's still stink. :-) This morning's traffic bit the big one. Not only new lane configurations (it is construction season and all around here) but add in an accident and it blew big time. Looked up some new routes for the AM drive but I'm thinking I'll probably try to head in an hour or so earlier instead. Lot's to do and quiet time in the morning is always good.

Found myself in Manager's office most of the day. Not that "that" is a bad thing but it did make for a longer day. We're working on wrapping stuff up so it was calls and reviewing stuff for a serious chunk of the day. When the end of the day approached a couple of us darted out pretty fast. It was close to 80 here and sunny which makes it much harder to stick around. Of course the sun drifted in an out on the way home and we're in for something like 4 inches of rain in the next 48 hours. Should be fun to stay on top of lawn mowing.

Tonight, since I couldn't get out to the gym this morning, I hit the elliptical for a solid hour. It seriously kicked my butt. I went for a short ride earlier but just kind of wanted to be home. Plus the sunburn on my elbow area is aching a bit. There is a huge difference between my elliptical and the one at the gym. The one here just barely compares so its faster speed and more gasping for air in the sauna known as a sun room. At the gym, its more intense with a much higher setting for 25-35 minutes. Happy I have it at home for nights like this though so it will do.

Need to make a huge note to call the doc tomorrow and get the Epi pen refilled again. I was thinking it was a bit early in the season but I saw a few bees today. I have 2 pens that I live with but I'm thinking an extra one for the bike would not be a bad idea. Nothing like out on a ride and getting nailed by one. Sad thing is that for the most part one sting is not too serious but each one causes a reaction worst than the one before. The last refill on the Epi was caused by getting stung twice walking into a Best Buy of all places. Was not fun and the store guy just stood there asking if ice would help. Joy. One sting, okay, take something soon to keep it to nothing. Two, and ouch. Get the pen and enjoy the fun of taking care of that. I try not to complain too much as being allergic isn't the worst thing but it certainly stinks that each one gets worst. Hopefully we'll continue to avoid them this year. :-)

Was out and about reading up on cycling and Will has updated on his Grimpeurs and he also has a post on Slipstream on Dunkirk. Should be a good race this week. I'm hoping the team has a great race and I'll be cheering for Will and Mike to have a good time. This weekend starts the Giro and for that I can not wait. I'm missing chats with John while he's over visiting. Can't wait to hear how the week spending time with them all was. I put the signed photo from TOC I just got in a frame and am really getting antsy to get my office painted so I can get all the photos and goodies hung up. :-)

Make sure to check out George's new pic from his iPhone. :-) He and Julia are so cute!!! Also check Timmy's entry today! From him which is great to see!


GG said...

Hey just got to my desk. Did my 2.5 miles on the treadmill this morning. Only a few more days until the 5K which isn't much, but is downtown Chicago so that is cool.

Not pleased with the scale last night guess the workouts aren't cutting it. I could give up, but then you would kick my butt so I will keep plugging away.

Wish I could have taken a mental health day.

Nikki said...

Don't you dare give up!!! We both know how mean the scale can be and we know there's a whole lot more to it! Start picking a ride for Sunday. I'm already looking forward to it. Just need to plan out time with races. Ha ha!

Long day today. A 2 hour meeting went for over 3 1/2. And then from that there was another day or two of work to be done. grrrr...

T-ball in full swing here. Nothing like getting home with a headache hearing 80's cranked in the back yard and parent's screaming at the top of their lungs. Joy.

I'm off to bed soon. Hoping for a good work out tomorrow and a quiet day at work although my calendar is filling up with more and more meetings.

GG said...

I got to leave early today (only 30 min. but I took it). Went and got my hair cut and nails done. Still feeling bummed about the scale, but not letting it get to me.

Like the new look of your blog. I am off to bed myself.

I will think about where we should go this week. Maybe with your races I could come down by you again and we could do our old trail. I will give it some thought and let me know the times that are good.

Nikki said...

I'm up for what ever trail you want. We have yet to do the old one since last fall so that would be cool with me. Up to you though as it is my turn to come up. Fun racing going on and you're welcome to come down earlier if you want to watch some.