Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Timmy & Catalunya Stage 2

Okay, I need to update for Catalunya and will try to do that with tomorrow's stage. It certainly looks to be a hum-dinger of a stage to take note of. Too many things going on today/tonight and I need to get into work super early tomorrow as many meetings have been put on the calendar suddenly. Now, if only they were conference calls so I could multi-task.

Go read up on Timmy Duggan. He posted today on his and Ian's site. Not good news but I am happy they have caught it so his brain can heal before taking any more banging. Hopefully you can all send him encouragement as being the cyclists he is, this can't be the easiest news to have right now. Luckily the shoulder is doing well.

A few Catalunya links to hold ya over:
Slipstream: Calm before tomorrow's climbs
VN: Hushovd wins in Catalunya - again
DP: Catalunya - Stage 2
Catalunya - Critical Mass
Stage 2 results
BikeRadar: Thor Hushovd wins again


GG said...

Ouch and I complained about my bad headache yesterday.

You better be nice to me because right now you don't have anyone else that will ride with you. So weather I like it or not I do it for you. When I am in better shape I might like to more.

Nikki said...

By the time the year is done, I will have you loving it! Promise! I love the company so what ever I need to do to keep you happy. :-)

Things certainly do seem small sometimes when you hear others issues. And those two we were chattin' about earlier, they really do need to HTFU! I'm just sayin'...

GG said...

Speaking of HTFU. I was wearing my braclet as usually, and had it flipped the correct way. While in my meeting I had crossed my arms so when I uncrossed them the word F**k was imprinted on my arm. It was very funny and I had to cover my arm unitl it went away. I had to share with you.

Nikki said...

Wowsa... you jumped back a few on this one. :-) I love the imprint! My bracelet today came into play with the WTF meeting motto. Still can't beleive the long meeting and can say other than work I did at home this morning before leaving for work, not much else got done. One of the guys and I were joking that today was about as wasted as one could get. Oh well. Must love the holiday weekend for sure!