Friday, May 16, 2008

Doctors don't know crap

So today has been another really enjoyable day. It started with reading some good emails from good guys and followed with some good race watching. The sun was out almost all day and it was nice and warm again. It's amazing how the weather alone can play such a factor in how a day goes.

After the race and some enjoyable internet reading on the races going on amongst other things I headed outside and got the lawn cut. Decided the day was just too nice not to go for a bike ride. And GG, just save the whole doctor speech. She obviously must have only meant no riding for a day or two. There's no way she could've possibly meant a "whole" week or two. Tee hee hee. And besides it was only a 1/2 hour ride and today was Bike to Work Day and all. Since I was at home, a nice stroll around the neighborhood was needed to do my part. LOL!

It felt really good to be outside and getting in some sort of work out. This week has been hell trying to get some in with work being hectic and the lovely doctor intruding. She must've meant just a day or two as the mental frustration of not getting some work outs in is by far worst than any pain I've had. Sunday's ride will be even better and I'll take it easy tomorrow - maybe. Jane - let me know the ride you want to do. If I come up, it will be after the race. If you come down, I can bbq afterwards and we can chill outside for awhile. Just let me know.

Work yesterday was pretty funny. We filed our case yesterday afternoon which for Manager and me, that was a good thing. A few months of hard work and we're on to the next step. He was pretty fried and once things were good to go I think he found he needed a mental break. Nothing a Cubs game couldn't hurt. He was pretty funny. He kept coming out and chatting away and trying to unwind. Between him and FoodWhore, the day was golden.

As we were talking we noticed a group of like 4 or 5 guys playing baseball on top of a parking garage. There 4 of us sat watching them and making fun of them missing the at bats from the wind. They were playing wiffle ball - on the roof - in the middle of the afternoon. Good stuff. We were hoping the ball would get caught by the wind and blown off the top. Now that would've been priceless.

I think FoodWhore was done for the day too as he started sharing stories that at one point almost had me in tears laughing at him. Nothing like a man and his techno toys at home. When a story starts out with talk of TV's and surround sound and the volumes one can accomplish with the right set up, you know there's going to be something to tear up about. He has been researching new TV's and wants a bigger one and now we're giving him loads of crap as he is putting his place on the market. To get a bigger TV, he needs a bigger TV room. Too funny!

Last week it was all about the grills. Which ones were the best and how much is too much (which apparently there is no such limit). I've generally always worked with guys and these are the times that I love it the most. The reasoning's behind moves they make one could never understand until you hear them talk about it and how excited they get on some topics. Priceless at times, absolutely priceless!!!

Not that it can be noticed here, but hours have passed since I started this. While outside cleaning up, little Miss Autumn came running to the fence with a huge hug for me. She is so damn cute right now. We went and said hello to mom and then she came over to play for a bit. I was waiting for the air conditioner guy to come and do an annual inspection so we stuck close to the house. We found some stuff to play with and did some dancing and then started a movie. Mom popped over and her and I got to catch up for a few minutes. When the air conditioner guy got here, poor Miss Autumn started crying as she didn't want to go home. I carried her over to her house as she melted me not wanting me to go. Kids, I tell ya. They have me at hello. :-)

GG, you'll love that the air guy is the same one I've had in the past. He remembers like everything we talk about from where I work and what's been going on. He even asked how Red was doing from the water heater thing at Thanksgiving. Too funny. We've now talked about just about everything from Vegas, to rock concerts, to sports. We even talked about his birthday next week and his wedding adventures last year. I have no idea how long the check should take but he always spends almost an enjoyable hour here talking away. Hopefully I was the last stop.

I'm sure I might pay for it a bit tomorrow but as for tonight all is well. After the bike ride fun, yard work, playing with Autumn, and cleaning up the kitchen, I've done the elliptical tonight too. Tomorrow should have me feeling just lovely. I'll just rest up and then get a good ride in on Sunday. What the doctor doesn't know...

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