Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What a busy couple of days. Today hopefully signaled a slight slowdown at work but I'm not holding my breath just yet. One big "project" as I'll call it for blogging purposes had a big doing today for our group. The other big "project" I'm working has a huge step finalizing soon but then enters further stages that me and Manager aren't sure quite what to expect since its newer to us.

Generally speaking, I'm kind of in the middle on going Downtown for work stuff. In the past I've generally always driven and ANYONE familiar with I55 knows that's usually not the brightest idea when it comes to sanity. I always justified it for liking to be able to come and go as I want (not that the 3+hours of commuting time) is much to brag about. Where I'm at there's not a totally convenient train station either, and certainly limited parking at the ones not too far away, so I just generally chose driving.

We needed to be downtown for hearings/cross stuff so I agreed to go with my co-worker. She refuses to drive but has some nice perks with the train. She has a parking permit for one which just rocks, and she used to be downtown all the time so she knows it well for getting around. Well she pretty much sold me on enjoying it again today. I say that though in having had her with me so there was no need to figure out where I had to go and having one of the coolest parking spots ever. She knew every building and block which is sweet.

The day was pretty much all of these things: exciting, enjoyable, boring, energizing, enlightening, sore, and of course, seemingly endless.

The walk to and from the train station was a bit chilly but I still loved it. Getting into better shape had a lot to do with that and the fact that it's not winter was a relief. I'm not sure where or how far the walk was but it was certainly under 2 miles. We took totally different routes to and from the IL building so I couldn't even guess the blocks.

Watching lawyers impress me and for me to feel like, okay, maybe the bucks paid really are justified, in some cases, and on the other end, leaving me shaking me head wondering what the hell the point of "that" was, I found to be great. And that happened all around. It was funny as there were many of them from ours to others and watching them all do what they do best was cool and really interesting to watch. I so wish I could've been there for one session yesterday but my other work got in the way. I work so many hours at times that today, to observe things going on was exciting. Kinda like full circle on some things. But it was also sore. The chairs are far from cozy and we were in the room for the entire day less a whole 30 minute break for lunch (which was much later than normal for many of us).

The fruits of labor I guess you could say were realized. We observed all day today for a 2 hour cross wrapped up in like 10 minutes for our immediate group. Now if that didn't make some of us giddier than crap, I don't know what could. It was like we finally got to see all that work and all those hours get justified. We had our shit together and it was impressive and felt really good after so many months of endless stress.

It was a long day with some enjoyable fun at times. I left the house at 6:30 this morning and didn't get back until well after 7. The train was sweet though and I now see why people like it so much. I caught up on a cycling magazine and got an easy work out in with the walking so sweet indeed. Plus I relearned the love of texting on my cell phone trying to not go bonkers through some slow portions.

I'm off to start up a new post to be posted soon. I met a pretty significant goal and I have some personal emails to go out. I have a really long way to go but this one has meant a lot to get to. I laugh as I've started a couple of the emails and I have a feeling Christian hasn't a clue as to just why I love him and the guys so much. To send them this email is feeling pretty good and has me smiling and ready to set the next goal. :-)

Have a good night. I'm off to catch up on my 46 emails from today and read up on the boys!

P.S. - GO READ UP ON WILL on VeloNews!!!

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