Sunday, April 20, 2008

And we have a winner!!!

The day finally got better from the wee morning odor issues. Watched Amstel this morning and then headed north to ride with Jane. I think we finally found a ride she likes. We rode up by Busse Woods which (if staying on course) is about 8 miles. I think we road about 8 1/2 which was pretty enjoyable. The weather today was a piece of heaven. Sunny, warm (70's), light breeze. Just sweet. The course was about as flat as a pancake which was okay but great for Jane. I tried talking her into a 2nd time around but she wouldn't have it and we were limited on time so she got lucky! I'll get her up to 2-3 hour rides one of these days!

I'm so happy she's willing to ride with me. I enjoy riding right now as a nice break from the gym and the elliptical at home. It doesn't feel like working out and weather permitting is just a great excuse to be outside. A few more weeks out there I think she'll be enjoying it more. Next week we're back this way. Thus far this year, we've tried out a different ride every weekend. Keeping things new and exciting and helping to determine where we want to ride more as time goes on. I have another new route for next Sunday. It was another suggestion from John I wanted to do last year but this one I think she'll be okay with. :-)

Afterwards we headed over to the Bike Shop in Glen Ellyn. I'm looking for a new bike and they were pretty great there. I also dropped mine off for a complete tune-up since I don't know it's ever been tuned up - ever. John had suggested a bike to look at and they were helpful in finding ones to look at that were similar. I test rode one of them and really liked it. I have a couple more questions for John. I think in a week or two I might have a new one to enjoy. It's an enjoyable new toy to be looking forward to.

The Bike Shop was busy and the guys were pretty helpful. They have one of C's Team CSC Jerseys signed and hanging up. The guys shared some stories of C stopping in and answering customers questions - the customers didn't realize who he was - and that was probably the coolest part. I think that goes to who C is, he's not all show like some and just really genuine. It was an enjoyable visit today. I think I found a place for bikes, repairs, and fun folks!

Happy Riding and I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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