Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Sunday!

Today started early and it was a really good day. Got up around 4:30, took my shower, ground and brewed my coffee, and set off to hook up with what turned out to be a really good exciting morning of following Flanders.

I tuned in and watched Flanders live with just an awesome group over at PodiumCafe. I have to say for a first timer of reading, writing, and watching - it was just awesome! I've been reading the site for a long time and have used it for live tracking of races from work for what feels like forever but just recently I decided to sign in and start joining in with the group. This mornings race - over 1100 comments! That just rocks! I haven't followed the classics like this before and they help get you up to speed pretty quickly and are great with questions. This year is already exciting, these guys step the excitment and fun up a solid few notches making me almost giddy about races to come. :-)

After all the excitement of the race I headed North for a bike ride with Jane. She tried to get out of it (jokingly) but off we went. I'm not a fan of riding on the road (cars scare me) and her place starts out at the bottom of hills. There's no way of not tackling a few before some flatter areas. We did bike around to take a few smaller ones versus one of the two steep ones but no avoiding them to some degree. My goal was to get up each hill with out any walking. I almost accomplished that until the trip back. I was attempting to be a cheerleader to keep Jane going on one of the last ones and it was like this slow motion stop that was probably a hilarious sight to witness. I lost the momentum and that was it. Not too bad for early rides so I'll take it with big smiles.

The weather today was just awesome. Light breeze, sunny, and 66 degrees! How sweet?!? There were just loads of riders, walkers, and skaters out and about. Spring is here and it felt great to be out enjoying it. By the way Flanders this morning - had all 4 seasons hitting the riders - snow, sleet, rain, wind, and finally sun! I'll take the weather here today although to see that excitement in person, I would imagine it can't be beat!

I'm working on letting go of my tension of riding on roads but today, as great as it was, had a moment that once again, reminded me of why I love the trails in the forest preserves near me. I've been on a couple short rides but today was Jane's first day out for the year. (I promised not to beg for company until it hit 50 and today was 66 so all pressure was on!) We come up to to an intersection and stopped, pulled out to the median, and Jane went to go and this women (no turn signal mind you) practically stops in Jane's path, cuts her totally off, and turns in front of her. The F*Bomb flew.

Luckily all was good and Jane was able to get around. After her nerves chilled a minute I tried to lighten it up and joked - "First ride out includes the F*bomb - Love It!" Not really but we laughed. Even the guy in a yard nearby shook his head at the driver and smiled as we rode past. I believe drivers mean well (for the most part) but on a day like today where you see riders and others out everywhere, what could possibly be your excuse for that? We had the helmets on, stopped at stop signs, stayed single file and on the sides and often just waited for cars to clear before moving along intersections. Like I said, roads raise the blood pressure a bit. I'd rather them go up from a great ride, not fear. Overall though - what an awesome day and enjoyable ride.

After getting home tonight I am really thinking my new bike purchase may not wait until this fall as planned. I enjoyed it out there and the weather and exercise and fun is just sweet. Last fall when we started doing weekend riding I said I would give it a year and then upgrade. Well, I don't know if I want to wait that long. I think the money would be very well spent to enjoy this even more. No road bike intended but maybe some cross of road/mountain bike needs to be checked out. Hmmmmm..... :-)

The day was great and I think the girls are going to get a nice walk in tonight as well. They spent the day outside enjoying the weather but nothing beats our walks. Pooky can't go for very long but even a mile or two leaves us all feeling happy!

Happy Spring All!!!


GG said...

Ok please tell me your bum hurts as bad as mine does. I feel fine otherwise, but that bike seat is a pain in the a** literally. I enjoyed the ride and promise that the more we ride the less I will wine.

Call me about this Sunday. I think going forward we will try to stick to trails don't want to make riding scary.

Nikki said...

My butt was okay. I have more padding though so maybe that was it. This wasn't my first ride though either.

Sitting here FREEZING in the basement while the guy fixes/replaces a part on the furnace (not the same one from Thanksgiving - LOL). Not the headache I needed last night. At least I'm home for the day now though. Had I brought the computer home last night I would've been here all day. Crap loads of work to do though and being at work would've kept me focused.

I'll try to update the site later. Stupid busy today with work so it might be a couple days. Augh!