Thursday, April 3, 2008

Butt officially kicked!

Got to the gym this morning with my co-worker for a solid and painfully good workout. We work so many hours we've gotten clearance to take the lunch break in the middle of the morning to go work out. Sweet! It's probably been about a year and half, maybe a bit longer since Miss Heather and I were walking over to the park district at night behind us for good work outs. Since the accident back in late December I've been working out at home to try and help my screwed knee but I miss the gym. What's done at home is just not quite the same. When we compared what we did she quickly let me suffer with out too much hazing. She did a level one on the elliptical the whole time where I chose level 6 for 25 minutes and then went to the bike. Probably nothing in a few days (or anyone who is at gym regularly) but possibly a bit much for the first day for my fat butt. Can I just say, thank goodness it was raining tonight so I had almost a valid excuse not to walk the girls? Tomorrow's visit should be a blast! :-)

Was out reading up on cycling and I took some time to read Steven Cozza's site. He's got some good articles and there's some history about doping and it's history that was worth the reading. He's also pretty good about writing about the races he's in on a regular basis. If you're like me and enjoy hearing what the riders actually went through and how they felt, take a look.

Redlands started today and Rory Sutherland won the TT. He wrote a daily dairy during the TOC and in his "cat-eyes are my enemy" entry, asked people to drop him a note. I have a feeling he didn't have any idea how many enjoy his writings and wish him well. I think he actually responded to everyone who dropped him a note so good on him for expanding his fan base in a fun way.

Over on PodiumCafe it's been fun hearing from Jered Gruber who is riding with Time Pro Cycling on the race TT today. You can watch live feeds of the racing so if you have open time, take a look at this when the racing starts. I had some fun keeping an eye on the race today and paid a little bit for it, needing to work longer than planned. Thank goodness my girls are so good!

I'm off to wrap up laundry and the hopefully some zzz's. Good sleeps.


GG said...

I hit the gym here at work 3 days this week. Each day getting a little harder, but keeping it slow as I don't know how this ankle is going to hold up after the injury at Christmas.

No workout today as I had a work lunch, but hopefully you and I can still get in a ride Sunday or even a walk if you don't want to drag your bike.

I am going to WI for a baby shower tomorrow.

Sad story on the one guys site about his puppy. I know how he feels though I didn't know that the two weeks I spent at home recovering were going to be my kitties last weeks.

Nikki said...

Give a shout out when you're ready to visit Cedarburg again! I love it up there and the winery is a great stop!