Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where's the sun!?!?

What a crapshoot couple of days. Sunday was so awesome and then came an overcast Monday. Went to the gym and left with an enormous headache and fought it the rest of the afternoon at work. Then I get home and at some point later on, realize that the pilot light had gone on out the furnace. After messing with it for what felt like forever I concluded it wasn't going to go back on. Mike I'm sure laughed at my calls asking if I was missing some magical step. LOL!

I set up to have it fixed Tuesday afternoon which left for a chilly Midwest evening. I enjoy cooler nights but oh my, was it cold when I got up Tuesday morning. I had left my computer at work not thinking of problems en route so I had to go in to get that. When I got back to the house I realized just how cold it was. By the time the furnace was fixed (nope, not the Thanksgiving guy, sorry Red) my fingers were ice cold and I was so slap happy it wasn't pretty.

Add to that lovely issue, work has been eating away at me, probably adding to the ease to get slap happy. We'd been pretty much on the go, full on, since last fall with just a few breaks with out weekend sign ons and even fewer lulls. I still love what I'm doing but I'm starting to see signs of cracking. Tonight I had requested a couple days off soon to regroup and I was asked if I could hold off until May. Ouch. Actually - double ouch! I usually need a wee bit of an overload to keep me driven but right now, I would so love a lull to just let the head rest for a bit.

So tonight I'm trying to figure out how to get a work out in, get my brother's taxes wrapped up, and how to efficiently search through for news on C's ITT WIN TODAY!!! That was good news to hear with all other things being what they are. So, missing Wieser as much as I am right now reading over my shoulder, it's time to hop over and update the race stats!

Good Sleeps, I'm sure it will be a late one tonight. :-)

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