Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful Day

So work is hammering this week. And it sucks. When you're going none stop, it's pretty easy to go along just fine as you just get used to it, for the most part. But then you get back to 10 hour days and you adjust to that as the norm. Then suddenly you're tossed into a week of 12-13-14 hour days and ouch. Missed two days at the gym with meetings and deadlines flying all over. Last night it was after 10:30 when I got home. Was toast from work so I went for a bike ride to just unwind a bit. Thank God for Miss Heather helping me with the girls or it just wouldn't be pretty.

Today was a really busy day at work but decided to go to the gym at 10:30 regardless. The day started out with a meeting first thing and then work just kept coming. By 10:30 I was ready for the break. There is truly something to be said about walking away for an hour and forgetting about work. I think the girls I go with find it amusing that for the 1st 20 minutes or so on the elliptical the eyes are shut and I just tune out everything. By then the head clears out a bit and I start relaxing some. Wrapped up there and got back to work and there of course was more things that came up. One thing is for sure, it's not a dull job.

The weather today was incredible here. I swear it had to be close to 80. Sunny, light breeze. Spring Fever in Full Force! By 4:30 I found myself looking outside and finsihed up with the day's hot to do list. Went into the manager and said I was bailing. The guys laughed at first until they realized I wasn't kidding. Tomorrow is supposed to be hell and I just laughed as the past 4 have been far from heaven. Have a good night, get some rest, and for gods sake, get some sleep was all they had to say. Off I went!!!

Got home and was giddy with what to do - I mean seriously - it was still light out! Headed over to say hi to Miss Autumn, Little Jake, and Mike. With working so much and it being winter I feel like I've missed 6 months of time with the kids. Jake is walking around and Autumn is just still as cute as ever. We played and had some fun. Nothing like helping her figure out pedaling the bike she has, then a couple rounds of tag, and twirling around to wrap up. Too fun. I envy kids as they keep things simple and for the moment, in the moment. It's no wonder why I miss my Friday night play dates with Autumn. She made stresses melt away in minutes because to her, playing a game was all that mattered for the night.

Miss Heather got home and Kerry and Madigan were out to say hi. The neighbors around here are so great. Poor Miss Heather has Cheeseheads on both sides of her which still cracks me up. Kerry and I grew up 15 minutes from each other, graduated the same year in the same H.S. conference and 15 years later we're living a house away from each other 3 hours from "home." Small, small world.

After visiting, I came home and cleaned up the yard from the girls. Chilled a bit. Watched Survivor and The Office - way too funny. I swear to god if my friends ever tell me they have Mick Donalds that they want me to meet... LOL! I have no idea how people watch TV live. I DVR just about anything I want to watch, wait about a 1/2 hour and then FW through all commercials and save loads of time. After that I took the girls for their walk. Then back out for a small bike ride. And now here reading and typing away. I'd say it was a pretty good day!

Reached out to John for some help today in looking for my new bike. He recommended a good bike shop and later called me to tell me he thinks he found a great bike I should check out. I originally was going to wait until the fall for it but spring fever has hit pretty hard and a fun, enjoyable, new toy would be great - like now. :-) So tonight I was checking out things and this weekend might include some more bike research. A few more questions for John tomorrow but I'm pretty excited considering a week ago I had no idea what to look for. At least now I have some good ideas.

Anywho's, I'm off to do some laundry and some cleaning up. Then maybe to bed before 11. What an early night and a plan that sounds really inviting! Good Sleeps All!!!


GG said...

You most definetly have spring fever bad girl.

I am so tired today, but it is Friday and I refuse to work this weekend. Gas prices are high and even though we got paid today I am in the poor house.

Looking forward to a ride this Sunday. Not sure if I don't have my car back if we will be able to do Busse Woods like I wanted, but maybe we could meet there. My bike should fit in my little rental car. I'll know more tonight.


Nikki said...

No shit on the gas prices. Stopped this morning - $3.69 - WTF?!?

I can meet you just about anywhere so just let me know. Off for more deadlines... later!