Sunday, April 20, 2008

SOB X2!!!

I officially hate skunks! Went to let the girls out last night before heading to bed. Noticed vermin bunny in middle of yard but didn't notice vermin dark blob over along tree/fence line until P went flying in that direction. Thankfully it's still too chilly for neighbors windows to be open so they hopefully missed the scream to come back and horrid odor that hit seconds later. Luckily the girls are pretty good at listening so they stopped short of being blasted full on but they still "had the odor." If that smell doesn't want to make one ill the second it hits, one must have no nose.

Got them back in the house while watching the damn little vermin scamper through the yard to hide under the shed. (New priority project - seal off shed completely in next week or so!!!) Got the girls up to the bathroom right away. Smell followed through the house but quickly dissipated. Gathered up the tested and true ingredients to kill the odor and both girls got baths. Just what I wanted to do at 12:30 at night. Ugh! Having two girls in a yard that backs to a park district it happens from time to time but normally not both at once. Thank god for finding a good recipe to kill the stench quickly.

They got their spring baths early and inside (usually outdoors in kiddy pool). Other than being damp when we went to bed, all was okay. Got woken up 2 times though with that distinct odor hitting the house again. That damn vermin, or maybe a couple are around here right now, sprayed something 2 more times before 5:30 am. My house is pretty well sealed up but that odor gets in when it's so close. I'll have to check with neighbors this afternoon to see what side got it. Flash on one side and 4 pits on the other. Skunk picked the wrong homes to try and settle in at.

Bad thing is now I can't leave the girls out during the day. Going for a ride today with Jane and they'll have to stay inside as I won't risk another spraying or worst, a bite with not being home to keep an eye on them. I hate skunks and to get both my girls! Bastards.

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