Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Slipstream - No Joke Here!!!

I like Team Slipstream (a lot!) and the more I read from and about the guys, the more I happily continue wishing them great successes and good luck this year. The guys are fun, intelligent, and really motivated. C, DZ, Will, Meatball, and their teammates have such fun personalities and with everything going on in cycling, this group continuously finds ways to keep things filled with some humor while taking their strong stance against doping and achieving great results for themselves and the team. All of which makes it just really awesome to be a fan of theirs.

When I sent a couple of them a care package and special delivery of coffee not too long ago, it was my way of saying Good Luck and even more so, a huge Thank You for the laughs! You see them enjoy what they do and watch them keep it real with some fun humor and great friendships. It's great to see them believe in the stance they've taken and its a no brainer to believe in them while you watch them each put it all out there. The dedication is there, the talent is there, and the human aspect is there too. Then toss in the humor and great mix of personalities and they just rock!

In case you have somehow been on vacation the past several months or somehow didn't think these guys were going to do much, below is a small collection to help you reconnect to some amazing riders and a kick ass Team!!! And one that we get to cheer on at the Tour!!!

ESPN posted a great read on Team Slipstream from the Tour of California - Revolution in Motion. It was written by Bonnie Ford and she continues to score points by me for very enjoyable reading. The link also includes two audio's - one with David Millar and the other with Christian VandeVelde.

Back in January, Bonnie also wrote an awesome article on the team that was posted on ESPN - Leading Men. The article was great and featured some highlights of the guys including Will Frischkorn and Dave Zabriskie, amongst others.

There were some good interviews from Training Camp down in Silver City on Missing Saddle: Christian VandeVelde - Will Frischkorn - Mike "Meatball" Friedman

Back in November, the team had their training camp and team presentation out in Boulder, CO. The team presentation is in alphabetical order and takes a few minutes to get through but is a great way to meet the guys that make up the team. Check out these video's from VeloNews:

Slipstream/Chipotle p/b H3O: Team Presentation.

Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Interview with Will Frischkorn.
Slipstream/Chipotle p/b H3O: Interview with Christian VandeVelde at 2008 Team Presentation.

Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Highlights from a team ride in Boulder, CO - 11.14.2007
Watch about 1/2 way through as C finds himself on the wrong side of the road on a climb. Also watch as Will gets some help up a hill.

Slipstream/Chipotle p/b H30: Interview with Tyler Farrar at the 2008 Team Presentation.
Catching up with Tom Danielson & Magnus Backstedt before the team presentation.
Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Interview with Timmy Duggan & Blake Caldwell.
Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Interview with Magnus Backstedt - Part 1, Part 2.
Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Interview with Julian Dean.
Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Interview with Kilian Patour.
Slipstream/Chipotle Team Camp: Interview with Jonathan Vaughters - Part 1, Part 2.

I have great admiration for the Phinney family and believe Taylor is a great future for the sport - not that he's doing all that bad right now! Davis speaks with real knowledge and true love of the sport. The family is really amazing and holds something special for any of us that love of the guys doing what they do. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood: Interview with Davis and Taylor Phinney - Part 1, Part 2.

CyclingNews had an article posted 11/19/07: Team Slipstream/Chipotle presents 'The New Face of American Cycling' that was a good read and filled with fun pics to check out.

Behind the scenes: VeloNews issue #2 cover shoot with Slipstream/Chipotle p/b H30.

At the Team Presentation Nigel Dick also produced the Miller's Tale - Part 1 and Part 2.

The team didn't just come out of nowhere. The talent is deep and the sportsmanship and team atmosphere is awesome. Some clips from last fall at the Tour of Missouri - Will 2nd overall, Mike 5th overall, Danny Pate winning Stage 5, and Team finishing as #1!
Stage 2 Mike Friedman on stage - and possible GC - podiums.
Stage 2 Will Frischkorn, stage 2's most aggressive rider.
Stage 3 post race with Will Frischkorn.
TOM: Stage 4 pre-race with
Build-A-Bear Best Young Rider Steven Cozza.
Stage 5 post race with stage winner Danny Pate. (video hasn't been working but linking anyway)


GG said...

I just wanted you to know that I was here. I don't have time to read all these, but I will check them out as I get time.

Not feeling good today, but starting my workouts anyway. Me and another girl signed up to do a 3.5 mile walk on May 22nd. That gives me seven weeks to prepare.

Nikki said...

You're screwed if you think I am at all kidding about getting you out riding with me this weekend! Upper 50's, low 60's and SUNNY!!!

I promised not to be a pest earlier with your request to wait for it to be at least 50 before I nagged. It's here and I can't wait for the company!

I haven't heard on the hitch coming in yet so I can use the rack. Have I whined enough about missing my blazer yet? I'll put it in the back though and I'll be up Sunday morning! YEAH SPRING!

Nikki said...

p.s. called on the hitch and there's a huge recall so it could be a couple "more" weeks. splendid. :-(

And poop on you for making me feel quilty for only walking the girls last night. After the call I changed and worked out for 45. So much for bed by 10:30. Closer to 12 but all is good! Bally's tomorrow with work group!

GG said...

Good for you getting a workout in. You said you slept better when you were working out regularly so I thought I would give you a push. I know that I need a kick in the pants sometimes and if we can help each other great.

Looking forward to a cool ride this Sunday. I hope I feel better by then, but if not too bad we are going anyway.

I will walk at lunch tomorrow, then Friday we are taking our temp out to lunch for her last day so no work out, then Saturday I have a baby shower in Grafton WI so no work out that day either. I will need the ride on Sunday for sure.

Nikki said...

Too funny to see you up this late. I just got done working out and was updating something before heading up.

You know there's a good race in Grafton and Sheboygan we can check out in a couple months!

I was going to skip the work out tonight but decided against it since a couple of us are going to Bally's tomorrow. Working out at home is never as intense as the gym. I can't wait!

Good Sleeps!