Friday, April 25, 2008

A Day @ Home!

I finally got a day at home. I did have a few work things to do but it was done pretty quick and certainly early. The rest of the day was mine and man, did it feel great! This week started stressful and had a few hours packed into it and then suddenly there was a day to take some breaths. I looked at my desk yesterday morning and it should probably be marked as a fire hazard.

Yesterday was one of those days at work where everyone was pretty fried and hot deadlines were finally wrapped up. I watched a good portion of the TTT while double checking work and filing some stuff. After a meeting in the afternoon I opted to head out. With work lap top in hand out the door I went. I stopped and p'd/u my bike that got tuned up. I then looked at the new bike I've been checking out again. I'm happy to say, that I picked that new toy up this morning! I got home and off for a ride I went with it. It was just a couple miles as I had a to do list a mile long but I LOVE the bike! What a huge difference from my mountain bike.

After that fun, Numb Nuts stopped over to help me with a few things. It was his birthday Wednesday and I was happy to see him, although I am still pretty bitter with Wieser and him getting so sick. I told him today that Wieser should really come back here. He knows it too. But, with that irking aside, he again was of great help today. The lawnmower got checked out, the entire yard got cut, the screen that Perdy flew through the other night got fixed, the garage door wheel thingy got replaced. If I hadn't gotten so sick this afternoon, a lot more yard work would've been done. I did get the dead patch of grass ripped up and dirt put down and seed covered. It amazes me with how much there is to do this spring here. I love doing almost all of it and in years past - less a few things - I did them alone anyway but with work being what it has, I feel like I'm about a month behind here at home.

Of course the weather tonight has just been lovely - NOT. The thunder and incredible lightning has had the girls all stressed out. Midnight has calmed down a lot in her old age but there were a few times where it even unnerved her. P of course has never been a huge fan but as of now she's sleeping away - on my foot. Not sure how that helps her but it seems to. As long as she can be on or "right" next to me. I had wanted to fertilize the yard but with as heavy as the rain is I'm almost glad I lost a few hours to not feeling well. This is a serious storm. The yard, trees, flowers, and bushes all need the water but man this one is certainly letting us all know it's here.

This weekend is super busy. Hopefully this storm is something that will be done by early tomorrow so I can do more outside. The race tomorrow won't be missed - unless of course the audio and video finds more hang ups! I also have a ton to do in the house so that should take up most of the night. Then Sunday there's the last stage of TdG and L-B-L which should be a great race to watch! Of course with all the Internet viewing I still want to get in a good ride. Although this week (first Sunday in awhile) my ride will be solo - which of course means that I'll be going to the tried and true forest preserver here. Love trying new paths but prefer company in case they seriously kick my butt! The one here will probably have me taking the mountain bike but we'll see.

I'm off to watch a few more video clips! Have a great weekend all!!!


GG said...

Sorry you had to ride alone. I would have rather been freezing my butt off with you then working all day.

Off to finish reading and then to bed.


Nikki said...

It was a quiet ride which is rarely a bad thing. Plus the guys playing flag? football (huge league) over here kept things entertaining on the way out and back in! Men and their games - always worth smiles and laughs!