Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Fun

So happy today is just about over. It's been a busy weekend and after catching some sort of bug that killed me Friday afternoon and lingered with a low fever, headaches, and just feeling sluggish, I'm looking forward to Ambien and some good sleeps tonight.

This morning's enjoyment started with some fun watching LBL (real coverage). Then afterwards I opted to stick with my Sunday bike ride even though I was dumped by my weekend riding partner. (I'm only giving you crap Jane - I know all to well how much work sucks on a weekend!) I have to say it might've been hard to get her to go anyway as it was chiiiiillllly! Low 40's is not all that fun. Still way better than what C rode in this winter here but still ouch. I am so close to a personal goal marker that not going is kind of not an option right now. The new bike rocked today and I am looking forward to more on it! I got back from my ride just shortly after TdG started up. The coverage really did suck so that was a serious bummer.

Did you ever hear a song and then it just sticks in your head and you can't get it out? Poor Meatball earlier today was tortured with one that I heard and I slaughtered in a dedication email to him. I'm hoping he laughed at me for it but it was bad in a funny (hopefully) kind of way. I had an entire pot of coffee before my ride so hopefully he will yell at Will for that new found addiction of mine as that clearly is what I am blaming this all on. I heard Uncle Kracker's Follow Me and thought of Mike. LOL Mike LOL! Instead of Follow Me, it was more on the lines of Follow Mike. Because the song is still seriously in my head I might actually at some point type up better wording of the lyrics than I did this morning and share but until then, just shake your head, laugh, and know it was bad - funny but still. :-)

Talked to John tonight just for keeping with tradition of calling and bugging him after races. I'm still very jealous of his travels and all of his cycling connections and fun. I'm really hoping we get to keep our lunch date with Peg this week although it might be my own schedule that actually interferes this time. Need to be Downtown for work Wednesday so the one day that was looking the best is off the table for me. Hopefully we can work another one out in its place.

Well, I think I am just about ready to sign off and chill before heading to bed. Since I still have serious sleep issues (the damn sleep gods really do hate me I think) I'm going to do the Ambien thing just to crash. I think in the past many weeks I'm averaging like 4 hours a night. And that's an average so you know some are like 2-3 hour nights in there. Stinks but not much I can do right now. Work is starting to come back into control but as that happens the housework and yard work head skyward. No winning. Still love it all though so its just getting through until the balance comes together again.

Hope all had a good weekend!!!
Congrats Slipstream on GREAT teamwork this week and recover quickly Timmy Duggan!!!
Good sleeps all!

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