Friday, April 18, 2008

A "What the Hell?" Kind of Day

The day started with reports of the 5.2 Earthquake. And not just any quake, like out in CA or some place where, yeah they might be a bit more common. No, this one was right here in IL. I'm glad I slept through it (even the girls did, or I was "that" out of it I never noticed them up) as I'm not sure what I would've thought had happened if I was awake. Instead I just got all the stories at work. Even dear mom called and asked if I got woken up. Not a typical day's conversation.

Stopped to fill up the car this morning. $3.69/gallon. WTH is that all about? I've been missing my blazer a lot but today at the pump, not as much. Instead, I found myself missing the car-pooling I was able to do for a year. Being in the same department making hours pretty equal was great. Now with both of us promoted, me into another department, it's not nearly as easy to schedule out.

Off to the gym for the mid-morning work out. Get in a nice work out, take a shower, dress, go to pull up hair. There's this fuller figured woman boppin' around butt ass naked - the entire time we're wrapping up. There she was all over the place doing her make up and her hair walking away and coming back. Seriously. WHY?!? Even IF she had been a toned fit "hot" chick, this would not be okay. Really. Power to her for thinking she was all that and had no issues - at all - in being naked the entire time but my god - put some pants ON already.

Just not okay. The rest of us don't need to, nor do we want to, see one totally naked while we're trying to pull up our hair. Did I mention we're in the mirror room where you can't just look ahead and ignore it? No the mirrors pretty much put whomever is there in full sight. It wasn't like she was over by the locker area and then maybe there would be more forgiveness or just like went to check on a contact or something. No, this woman was over by the sinks and mirrors where most of us go to finish up like she was at home - as in the privacy of. It just added to the "what the hell" kind of day it was being. And no to the guys reading, this is just not okay and no, we do not check each other out, and no, there will be no filming for verification next week, sorry.

The afternoon wasn't quite like the morning but it added to the TGIF sentiment. Several pain in the butt changes were made today after a very long week. By about 3-3:30, a couple of us had cracked. We got slap happy and the stories told to break the work stress were hilarious, but probably not appropriate for the office. The gossip (by the guys none the less) was entertaining. I think we touched on everything from accounting geeks and co-workers, families having someone divorced and then marrying a sibling of the divorcee, and good old poker.

The guys are great when they lose it on a Friday. Food Whore is the best as he breaks out voices and he always has a personal story to make gossip, I mean stories, even better. Usually Manager is in the office but today he comes over and has a calendar comic sheet with him wanting to know if Food Whore put on a Dracula cape, if he would be the character in the joke. As we're cracking up laughing, Food Whore pulls out these vintage accounting geek glasses, turns and asks if they look okay. I totally lost it. Friday slap happy laughs are always so enjoyable!

Sitting here tonight, totally brain dead, I'm certainly happy it's Friday. Tomorrow should be a fun day with Madigan's 2nd bday party. I get to spend a couple hours with her family back home (mine back home too) and I am so looking forward to it. Maybe some grilling out will be needed to fully enjoy later on!

I want to apologize for my not keeping up on Slipstream's racing this week. I've had time to read up on it and I'm excited for this team but time was tight. I'm sure if C or a couple others would've been racing I'd had made more of a point to keep a closer eye on it but work is what it is and time was not my friend. I hope you're reading up on
Slipstream's site as they really have been a great site this year. Race notes, rider entries, even one today from Maggy on his P-R race make for good reading.

Enjoy the night and T G I F ! ! !

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