Saturday, April 12, 2008

So many things Paris-Roubaix!

I'm not sure I've ever read as much as what I have about a race as I have for the Hell of the North happening tomorrow. I think I've spent hours watching YouTube clips and reading on everything from past results to current favorites, including what bikes they're going to be riding. Yeah keep laughing at me but with all of that, if more popped up, I'd be reading them.

Tomorrow's race airs live at 6:40 am and I'll be up and signed in. I'm hoping there's no sign in issues with CyclingTV. So many have trouble. I will certainly be following along on Podium Cafe. It has to be the best commentary by cycling fans that there is.

My favorites are absolutely Maggy, George, and Tony, with a soft spot for Stuey. I will be cheering loudly for Meatball and Will along with the rest of the argyle guys. I would totally love to see Mike up with the top finishers but he will no doubt be burying himself for Maggy. My hope is that the guys make it to the finish but if they don't it will be because they left it all on the cobbles for Mags. Good Luck Guys! Kick some cobble a$$!!

My choice for good reads are of course very biased but I still think you'll enjoy!

Some Articles worth a few minutes...
4/09 PEZ: Roubaix: PEZ Rides the Cobbles - Ouch!
4/10 PEZ (Jered): Roubaix '08: It Really Will Be Hell
4/11 Bicycling: Sitting In: Meatball
4/11 VN: Paris-Roubaix: A convercation with George Hincapie
4/12 VN: Tom Boonen: Backstedt's the man to watch at Roubaix
4/12 CN: Boonen and Devolder lead Quick Step into hell
4/12 CN: Straight to Hell: Who will be first to Roubaix
4/12 VN: John Wilcockson's 2008 Paris-Roubaix preview and top pics
4/12 PEZ: Roubaix History: From Queen to Hell... And Back
4/13 CN: Hincapie ready for Roubaix win
PodiumCafe: Paris-Roubaix Predictions and VDS Smack Thread

All Things Slipstream and Cobbles...
2/26 Slipstream, Maggy: Girona, Meatball & Cobbles
2/26 Maggy: Girona Camp
3/01 Slipstream: HetVolk: Meet Cobble Master Mike
3/04 Slipstream, Meatball: Mentor Maggy
3/06 Slipstream, Meatball: Roubaix Recon *required classics reading*
3/19 VN: Fresh Korn: Blatant generalities
4/05 Slipstream: Backstedt Ready for Roubaix!
4/07 Will: Flanders
4/07 Meatball: I have been Baptized
4/08 VN: Fresh Korn: The sounds of spring
4/09 Slipstream: Roubaix drum roll...
4/09 Meatball: The Essence of "Cracking"
4/10 Bicycling: Ready For Paris-Roubaix (talk with Maggy)
4/10 Slipstream: Special Felt Roubaix Rides & Zipp Clydesdales
4/11 Slipstream: Delayed pain from 52.8K of Roubaix cobbles
4/12 Slipstream, Doug Ellis: A mere mortal's perspective on Roubaix pave
4/12 Will:
Roubaix Presentation
4/12 VN:
Team Slipstream-Chipotle hits Paris Roubaix on special Felt bikes
4/12 Brad Huff: Roubiax and Friedman???
4/13 VN: Interview with Slipstream-Chipotle's Michael Friedman

Paris-Roubaix 2004 (Maggy Won)
tom boonen paris roubaix 2005 (Boonen Won)
Paris Roubaix 2006 (Tony Won)
break on sector 26 - Paris-Roubaix 2007 (Stuey Won)

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