Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chilly Sunday

This morning started nice and early again and I had yet another fun morning watching and following cycling. Today was Paris-Roubaix and it was action packed, no mud but plenty of action! Last night when I headed to bed it was raining there but by the time the race started it was clear. I was cheering for Slipstream and although Maggy had some mechanicals, young Maaskant came in 4th - which was awesome!

During the race I had like a pot and a half of coffee. I love El Gallo and find that I drink it continously with out realizing how much has been put down. I did realize I had a pot down but wanted some more so a 2nd pot got made. Yummy!

Jane called right as the race was ending for the 2nd week in a row. With all the coffee I was pretty jittery and very ready for the ride we had planned. She tried getting out of it using the "it's too cold" excuse so I lied to her (no shame here) and told her it was 10 degrees warmer than what my computer was saying. Oops, my bad! Her rule is nothing under 50 degrees. At the time it was closer to 36!

John had told me I would enjoy a bike path over near Lemont and he was very right. I loved it. He told me it was flat, scenic, and a good loop. I know flat is a relative term when talking with him about rides (as in compared to his and C's rides over that way) so I enjoyed the ride a lot. Jane wasn't too keen on the hilly parts. It was for some good laughs and the ride was very enjoyed. The trip back was a bit harder (part of the trail was closed so we had to turn back) with being a little more tired and cooked. It was good though through and through.

As chilly as it was we were both very comfortable on the ride. It wasn't until we got back to my place, changed, and headed back out for errands that we froze. Even tonight I've got some chills. Funny how when you're enjoying the time, the cold seems irrelevant and then later, it kind of bites ya!

The whole weekend turned out pretty nice. Yesterday was an afternoon with girlfriends and some cute playful kids. A great time and after a glass of wine, a nice evening. Now if we could only shed the rainy weather all would be good. Did see the sun today but of course that was after the ride!

Hope all things are well and everyone had an enjoyable weekend!


GG said...

Though I have finally warmed up I don't seem to have much energy today.

I can't believe you forgot to mention the guy we saw playing in the mud. I hope he had a towel in his car or not only will he need a bath, but so will the inside of his car.

Good ride, but I still think that was too hilly.

Nikki said...

Trust me when I say I can't believe I forgot about the runner guy either when I did this last night. He was a highlight, for sure, and where he came from in the woods is still beyond me. You - the married one mind you - made my day when you smiled, said hi, and told him he needed a shower!!! Of course his smile and total enjoyment of being mud covered only topped it all off. The signs of spring!

My shoulder and a forgotten muscle in the back of my leg were sore this morning. Still made it over to the gym with the girls just a bit ago though so not bad. I got 30 in on the elliptical and 10 on the bike and by then the showers were all I wanted.

I think a nap would be in order this afternoon if I didn't have this job thing going on. Damn needed paycheck. :-)

Thanks for the riding company yesteray!!!