Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Stapler Ever

So this week is kicking my butt here at work. Another 13 hour day yesterday and I'm already wishing I could be on a vacation, okay maybe wishing I could be ANYWHERE but here right now. I really love what I do, I really, really do. BUT, there are a "few" things that crawl under my skin after numerous hours and when added stresses come out to play it's not always pretty. I'd vent here but I think I dropped enough Farrar F*Bombs last night on my irritations so I will restrain.
I was looking at my stapler this morning and I have to say... It has me wondering if it's the BEST STAPLER EVER(!) - yes I love Office Space, and I love watching The Office, OR if this is a secret weapon in disguise to use on unsuspecting dumb asses?!?!? Hmmmm??? Just kidding, but it was a worthy couple of minutes of pondering! The idea of just nailing a dumb ass with it even came close to creating a smile. :-) The little awesome thing has some solid weight to it. Okay never mind. It's the best stapler ever and that's just that.
Jane, I'm here (sorry for being so neglecting) and should be out of the fire in a day or two. Still will be some flames but should be back under control again - I hope! Huge cheers for Ali last night on the Biggest Loser. That was awesome and she knew she had it when she stepped on that scale! Awesome! Getting so (damn) close to my goal (one of many more to come), it was inspiring to see her kick ass!
Some quick notes for enjoyable reads, Meatball wrote on his Paris-Roubaix experience, Brad Huff sounds like he might just have gotten over a major brick wall (smiles all around for that!), young Alex Howes is busy recovering from a spill, and one of my favorite daily comic reads kind of sums things up today.
Hope today is better for you than it's been for me!!! Happy Hump Day!


GG said...

Hey I recognize that stapler. Maybe that is cause my company makes that "weapon".

Sorry I didn't read this yesterday. It was a rough day and a late one too.

Nikki said...

Don't worry on reading - ever - you know that! Work is stinking for all of us right now.

Yeah for you on that increase! I still think if you take our salaries by the amount of hours though, it would make us sick and probably averaging like $5 an hour. Sad. :-)

I love my stapler. Almost 5 years old and still works like it's brand new!!!