Saturday, April 5, 2008


His front shot - hello there...

So Joe was over today and helped me swap out some temp sensor thingy in the shower that I haven't been able to use for months as the water was at best the temperature of Lake Michigan in mid January. Not pleasant. (Note: I did shower, simply used the guest bathroom so ha ha keep your jokes.) After it's all put back together and we're done putting stuff away, he says he wants to take Wieser with him. A year ago I was almost in a shocked state that he didn't want him but now it was a very sad conversation.

Granted Wieser's technically his cat but he's been in my life for almost 12 years and this past year it's just been him with me and the girls. I'm the one taking care of vet check-ups, food, litter, loving on him, etc. He's part of the family. Now tonight I'm typing this and the little bugger is at Joe's. It's very wierd not having him sitting here and sad.

Little bugger. There was a slight smile when Joe called earlier and said he wouldn't come out from under the bed. Anyone who's ever met him knows he is one of the first to greet you at the door with the girls and come check you out the second you sit on the couch. Doesn't help from missing him though. By now he would be sitting on my shoulder trying to figure out if what I'm typing is worth any reading.

He's always close by:

Maybe Joe will get busted for having him and he will come back sooner than later or he'll realize there's an expense to taking care of him that he won't want to deal with. I guess until then, the girls and I will miss him and I'll have to get some of my many pics of him printed and put up.

Okay, well I know I should accept it and hopefully with some time it will sting a little less. I certainly did appreciate the help today and I did know that this might someday happen.

For a complete change of subject...
Right now as I'm typing I just realized it's after 11 and somehow my love of cycling has me doing crazy stuff. Flanders is tomorrow and it's on live at 5:50 AM. So for some unknown godly reason I want to be up to watch it and listen and be a part of the crazy fun over at PodiumCafe. If you haven't been over there, you should stop from time to time. Great people and fun stuff! At some point I'll need to head to get some zzz's. 5:15 comes early and my El Gallo will need to be ground and brewed - probably more than once at such a foolish early hour. Cycling. Crazy stuff!!! Good Sleeps all and GOOD LUCK Slipstream, George, Tony, & Stuey!!!


GG said...

It won't be the same coming over to your house without my wisey there. I will miss hime too. He was such a loveable bugger.

If you decide you want another kitty let me know and I will help you find the bestest kitty ever.

Nikki said...

Not sure if he will actually keep him and honestly I love my girls so no new pets for now. Hopefully Wieser will be home again soon. He could be a pain but I miss him.