Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Long Day

Yesterday was 12 hours, today 11. Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend already. :-) My knee that decided to swell a bit over the weekend is finally feeling good again. Now I have a hideous bruise on my left wrist that hurts like hell. The sad thing is that I have no clue what I did. The swelling and bruising is similar to the accident back in December but that was caused by the side window. As much as it hurts and as pretty as the bruise is, I would hope I'd remember hitting it but nope. Woke up yesterday and went to put my watch on and almost couldn't. Lack of sleep is starting to become painful and causing harm to the memory...

It's a little quiet in the cycling world right now with National Championships going on, wind up for the Tour, and gossip enjoyment. The kids in the sport are riding the Tour of PA this week. Versus is covering it so it's nice to be able to see who's coming up. Youngin' Alex Howes won the most aggressive Jersey yesterday - kudo's to him! Check it out if you have the 20 minutes or so for the nightly recap.

After getting in my laughs for the night over at PdC, I am heading to bed. Tomorrow should be a lighter day but I have a strange feeling it might end up being another long day at the office. Ugh.

Reads for the Day:
EuroPeloton: The Beauty of the Cyling Fan's Pursuit (one of the many post reasons I love his site!)
BikeSnobNYC: Real Niche Sports: HBO Does Millar
Spinnin'Wheel: Millar on HBO, Garmin Roster, Papa Georgio x2!
NYTimes: (Yet another) Correction: An Olympic Cyclist's Levelheaded Advice
STLtoday: Dreaming of Foot-Hi Pies... and the Tour de France (it says C was at TOM last year but he was busting booty in the Vuelta)

BikeRadar: Tour de France glossary (GG this is for you!)

And the fun writings from Will have begun - Slipstream_Will: Now to get ready...
PodiumInSite: Kevin Lacombe wins Tour of PA stage 2; Steven Van Vooren still in yellow (Make sure to check out Lyne's other entries. She's great with the write ups!!!)


GG said...

Okay I see the note that says GG this is for you, so I looked at you are just too funny. I hope you don't quiz me later, but I did read it.

Erik said...

Nice catch on the correction. Its not just another correction, its another correction for the same thing.

Nikki said...

Hope you both had a good weekend! Way to go Erik in your race! Loved the write up. :-)