Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cure for sleep and cause for hangover...

What another busy weekend (sort of)! Started with being pretty tired Friday but deciding to go meet up with girls. We used to meet up for poker and cards and now a couple years later and a few kids for some of them, time together is pretty limited. No cards Friday but a lot of fun. I drank an entire large bottle of cheap wine myself and then topped it off with some homemade Sangria one of the girls made. Not the wisest thing I've done but so enjoyed. I wasn't driving so why not, right? After so many sleep issues the past couple months I have found my cure but paid for it a wee bit on Saturday. With focusing on weight loss and getting into shape, alcohol has been cut way back. I wasn't totally screwed come Saturday but I am most certainly not in my 20's anymore. HA!

The games were fun Friday night. No cards but we played some 80's trivia, a catch phrase game and good 'ol Yahtzee. I so scored with 3 (not kidding - I got 3!) Yahtzee's and only wish I could do that sober... tee hee hee. It wasn't a typical night out but it was so fun catching up with the girls and just doing some good laughing and relaxing. Good times!

Saturday was a pretty slow day for me. I wasn't totally hanging but I did pay for the enjoyment. Finally took a shower and got to getting some stuff done around the house at like 4 in the afternoon. I spent most of the day watching old cycling goodies and some soccer replay tid bits. Then Saturday night I found the Military Channel on cable and wow, not a good thing. For whatever reason I love that stuff. Neighbor Mike and I drive Miss Heather nuts with our enjoyment of the history channel and discovery. We're geeks with that stuff and like it!

Today was a bit different. Got another good nights sleep which was so good. I had planned to get some work done and then head out for a good 2-3 hour ride. I got up early to try and crank out some much needed work. Then got frustrated trying to run some huge queries and figured I could probably hammer out the work better at the office where I'd at least be focused. Went in and got a little too focused and didn't head out until after 5. Always odd being there on a weekend. You know others are in the building and every so often you "hear something" and it can be a little unnerving. You need security to get in but with 5 other floors of strangers it's just weird. I got a lot done but realized this week will probably be filled with 12-14 hour days to help keep my tour watching times open. With C and Will riding, I hope to catch every stage. IF I miss the live stuff in the morning, I'm sure I'll catch the prime time coverage but I enjoy the live, uncut stuff so much better.

I missed the bike ride today but did get in two really good work outs this weekend. Working out and doing the weights while watching the Seals in action last night helped but I so missed a perfect morning for a ride. It was 70, sunny, light breeze. Next time, it's riding and then focusing on work!

Tonight I met dumbass for dinner and have to say he just isn't going to change. He actually thought I would be okay if he stayed here at the house with me a couple nights a week to help him with gas prices as his job is only 15 minutes from here. Ummm... NO. Are you kidding me? It took me how long to move on and get into a good place in life again and took 2 restraining orders and lock changes to feel safe. Are you seriously kidding me with thinking you could stay here and that I'd give him a key? I mean really. I get shit for just allowing him to keep in touch. I might be soft when it comes to caring for others and giving 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances but seriously. Apparently he's the only one who fails to see what he did to me. Heck this past week I had a seriously nasty bruise on my wrist and it hurt a bit to have 2 different people ask if everything was okay and if I was keeping him out of my life. That kind of reminder of how ugly things got really sucked. Moments I guess only reassure the choices I've made the last year were the right ones.

But on to tonight... A beautiful night with a good wind and cooler temps. Getting laundry done and lots of reading up on things. All the windows are open and other than the fireworks getting to poor P, an awesome ending to the weekend. Caught some of the swimming trials tonight and just got more geared up for the Olympics coming. Phelps scored another world record and there were some American records broken too. Love watching the athletes and can't wait to see them in Beijing!

On to a new post with some linkage on cycling.
I'd skip it but I do it more for me to refer to later so I hope you enjoy! :-)

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