Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Midweek Messes

So it's now just after 11 and I have no flippin' clue where my day went today. 12 hours at the office trying to get some serious work done. I even skipped the gym this morning for a meeting and an attempt to stay focused. I got a lot done but when I left tonight, felt I was no further ahead. Craptastic. can't win. Hoping to head to bed really soon to attempt to get some sleep and the not sleeping is quickly catching up.

Some reads:
VN: Fresh Korn - The beginning of the dream
TheServiceCourse: Hey Lance!
SarisCyclingGroup: Training Camp Summary
Ciclismosam: Garmin-Chipotle H30 Tour Team Announced
BikeRadar: British road pro David Millar featured on American sports show

And for those that read Brad Huff's blog on Pizza Legs,
Here is Nick Reistad's "As The Bean Turns" clip of Pizza Leg Syndrome.
How he does the clips with out busting up laughing is beyond me.

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