Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm so slacking this week and I am sorry. Watching the Dauphine and loving it but finding my nights are just not long enough to finish up the stuff here. I currently have 3 posts started and should have them up tomorrow, along with tomorrow's stage.

I've been working from home the last two days which is enjoyable in not having to drive in but I find I spend longer hours working making up for interruptions. It started with a doc appointment with a conformation that the procedure a month ago was a good choice and I get to go back in 4 months. Then followed with air conditioner issues. I just had it cleaned and inspected like 3 weeks ago so for it not to work was irritating. I waited all afternoon and the guy didn't show up until 8 PM!!! I was so ticked. I tried not to take it out on him but he knew I was irritated. I was told 2-6 so 8 was pushing my limits, as I had plans. But, it would've been okay had all been well. I get back from plans and it's out again. So I call and they tell me someone will be out this afternoon. Okay.

I planned on going into work this morning and then coming home to take a conference call. Well, this morning I'm about to head out and I realize I have this lovely trail of ants from my front door all the way to the kitchen. Not in the kitchen where I would figure to see them (if I were to get them) having my two girls and the cat with food pebbles. Nope. So I spray the long trail down and around the front door and outside. Then I need to wait for all that to dry and mop away as that stuff just isn't good for pets. So I call Mgr and tell him I'll be working from home the whole day. Less than an hour later, I get a call saying air guy will be here in 10 minutes. Ugh! Should've been happy he was coming early but they said 12-4 and I was actually trying to get in some work time during the race. Ha!

So he gets here and monkeys with the stuff and has it back up in minutes but has no idea what is causing the fuse to blow. So he leaves. Then at 2 the air shuts off again. This time a supervisor air guy is to make the trip out. I tell them I will NOT be able to take the call when they call for the head's up and to note it clearly so they just come. WELL, the message comes that I need to reschedule as I wasn't here to take the call. Now I'm fully irritated. Call again and the girl says, oh yes, fully noted here on the screen about the pre-call. So he'll be here right after the call he's on. Lovely.

In the meantime of all that fun, the tornado watch warnings are flying out of my lovely weather thingy. I got the grass cut on lunch and attempted serious multi tasking with both laptops going and the EURO 2008 on the tv in the background. How I am sucked into that I am not sure but I am and I'm quickly becoming a fan. Like I need another sport to enjoy. :-)

So supervisor air guy shows up and after a little monkeying around he determines that it's some coil thingy in the unit itself. It's less than 2 years old so it surprised him that this was it but he says it happens. So he leaves and it has been sweet as sugar since. I have to plug the program I have here as I didn't pay for a thing. I pay a monthly service fee that covers this stuff and included annual cleanings, inspections, etc of air, furnace, and water heater. It has so way paid for itself every year since I got it. I highly recommend checking with your utilities to see if they offer it. Very nice indeed. So as the blood pressure and temps were rising I was getting next and same day service and never paid anything. The times thing got to me but really overall, the best thing I ever signed up for.

So that was my day. Then tonight after being computered out I tried to chill and just watch a replay of the soccer game. Next thing I know dumbass is walking in through my garage door. WTF?!? Instantly on edge and uncomfortable. Figured out what he wanted and did best to move that along. I keep hoping that time will make me less on edge but it hasn't yet. I hate it. After that fun, I decide tonight is as good as any to do a test cycle run thingy for my hopefully new personal trainer currently on loan. Must admit it kicked my butt. It's still in the upper 80's tonight with a pretty serious wind. Fun. But I'm glad I got it in as I'm not sure of the weather the next couple days.

So I get home tonight from that and I am flat out tired. A long day with nothing running as planned. Floor mopped, grass cut, air conditioner working, work accomplished, and bike thingy I think done. All good stuff but wow. Long day.

So I should have the updates tomorrow night at some point. Many races going on so I'll try to link to results and such of the others besides Dauphine. Just way not enough time to fully try to find good stuff on them all. Big congrats to Slipstream today though and huge good luck to Will tomorrow. :-) I had so hoped to watch some of tomorrow's stage but work has some serious things needing to be looked at so hopefully listening will work okay. I so do hate that I like getting my paycheck sometimes. :-) Happy sleeps all. I so need to try to get some!

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